Several ways of wearing plaid this season

Several ways of wearing plaid this season

Plaid is the classic print. In the Fall 2014 fashion lovers from all over the world are mad for the check pattern. It is applied to everything from ordinary shirts to stylish accessories. You can meet plaid on the belted coats, boxy jackets, awesome sneakers or any other piece of clothing. Check patterns rule this season. You can mix silhouettes, prints and shades to create the look you will love the most.

Plaid is a huge trend of this season.

New tendencies of using plaid in fall 2014

For years plaid has been known as the fashion print for the cold days and every season something new appears, new directions and tendencies make the plaid evolve. But this style has never been so perfect and versatile before as in 2014. This year has brought new colourful and very bright interpretations, the options vary from classic and traditional to casual and grunge. We want to tell you about new trendy features and different ways of wearing this print to look fresh and stylish.

Plaid pants by Vivienne Westwood

Iterations in check prints

The plaids of the past seasons were rather traditional (we speak about crossed vertical and horizontal bands usually in two colours mainly based on red), this fall features lots of various iterations. Now the plaids mainly melts into half-abstract lines making red sequins like in the collection by Kenneth Cole or looks polished and sophisticated as everyone has seen at Victoria Beckham. Ordinary plaid has become the part of the modern woman wardrobe. There are many different palettes and silhouettes that you can venture to create the outfits using plaid pattern for all occasions.

Sophistucated look

New interpretations of the tartan patterns

Awesome bright plaid

Certainly, the traditional basic colours like red, green, blue and gray prevailed on the runways for the fall 2014 but the bright interpretation of plaid was unexpected and unapologetically perfect. Such hues as light blue, baby pink, yellow, cobalt, orange and yellow in a mix have made the plaid more popular than ever before. To turn these shades in the statement trend for this autumn, combine them with cozy pieces of outwear and add several tailored items in the equal vivid shades.

Plaid prints help in highlighting the unique personality and individuality of fashion lovers.

Pink plaid coat by Delpozo

Feminine ladylike silhouettes

The collections by many designers were graced by the beautiful ladylike silhouettes almost on all the fashion shows for the fall and winter 2014/2015. Classic plaid looks rather balanced when being applied with such cuts and silhouettes. If you want to incorporate plaid into your sophisticated wardrobe, opt for the impeccably cut dresses. Choose the length a little above the ankle or slightly above your knee. To create an elegant feel, make minimal styling of your hair.

Feminine silhouettes with tartan

Grungy tartan

In the fall 2014 we can say that grunge is a fashion trend of the season. And it walks hand in hand with such pattern as plaid. This style is rather comfortable and cozy, you can wear checked shirts over the warm slouchy knits or versatile tailored pieces to create a balance between masculine elements and transparency of this style. This season the grunge style has rather refined character.

Grunge inspired clothes with plaid

Blurred plaids

Speaking about plaids, blur is not tradition for this pattern. But such plaids make the fall season elegant and delicate. This is another soft rendition of the classic check patterns. Search for the neutral colours like creams, black and grey, which adorn basic silhouettes, being cut in warm and soft fabrics. To create a polished look, combine them with dresses or skirts featuring floral prints or asymmetrical hems. Try mixing various colours and cuts to make your look more sophisticated.

Blurred plaids in the coats for the fall 2014

Tips and trips how to create stylish outfits wearing plaids in the fall 2014

Every passing year such trend as plaid evolve and create various styling opportunities. You can keep traditions or make an unexpected outfit looking polished and clean. We want to give you some fashion tips to help you in it. Follow them and be different.

  • Try clashing blocks of various tartan patterns. Choose checks of different sizes in additional shades. Opt for minimal silhouettes and fresh cuts.
  • Include plaid in folk-inspired looks with the help of trendy blanket coats, cozy knits and chunky scarfs. You will feel comfortable and look stylish.
  • Make the schoolgirl uniform trendy, updating it with masculine or feminine elements combining plaid, denim and various metallic textures, which are very popular now. Pair feminine ladylike coats with stylish masculine flats.
  • If you want to make experiments with the cowgirl style, add bright contrasting tartan in abstract patterns. Such combination was seen in the collection by Kenneth Cole.

Plaid is the classic fallen print. But every season it looks fresh and different.

Plaid is rather universal. This print can be used in different trends, it combines the features of feminine and masculine styles. Try different mixtures, make experiments and be unique and individual.

The video of the runway show by Tommy Hilfiger for the Fall and Winter 2014/2015 from New York Fashion Week