Leather bag with big flower by Rolad Mouret

Stylish accessories for spring 2015

Certainly, everyone has heard the stories when people gather lots of shoes and erect huge closets to house them, when women spend their month’s pay in order to buy a single trendy bag and the stories about people who think about their earrings more than about other parts of the wardrobe. But we almost haven’t seen such level of devotion for the tops, shirts or skirts. And the reason is in the magic voodoo of the accessories. Nobody can explain the fact what makes the people fall in such kind of love with them. If they look good and statement that’s really good, and when the accessories are bad, it makes no difference and you think it’s a kind of good. It’s the love for ages.

If you know what I’m speaking about, you will not miss the accessory trends which will be popular in spring 2015 according to the fashion runway shows. Certainly, they will be not available to buy yet for a couple of months, but you can choose what you want to be ready to purchase trendy accessories and to find perfect outfits. So, we offer you to choose stylish and trendy accessories, create your waitlist and just wait a little bit.

In spring attention to the details is very important.

Pop-art flowers

The oversized flowers, which seems to be coloured with Crayola, have been seen on several fashion runway shows. They look very beautiful and feminine not being too saccharine. Blossoms can inspire you on different things. Flowers can be embroidered (like in Fendi’s collection) or made with leather pieces(we have seen awesome patchwork in Roland Mouret’s collection). Search for the accessories by Marni, Roland Mouret or Fendi.

Beautiful bag by Fendi

New version of gladiators

This season gladiators are much more delicate, because of thin soft laces which criss-cross up the legs and not encasing them. New version doesn’t look like a ribcage, it is so beautiful. Since 2008, when this trend appeared, we haven’t remember such delicate gladiators. Look for the footwear by Chloe, Nickolas Kirkwood or Valentino.

Gladiator sandals

The gladiator sandals should be paired with ethereal dresses.


These strange swinging hanging are so terrific. They have been met in many collections. Fashionistas were mesmerized with these relic pieces. They are like charm and tiny bracelets. If you want to collect them all it’s a perfect opportunity to create a stylish outfit. Wear pendants to make a bold statement or a layered look. Opt for the accessory collections by Celine, Giorgio Armani and Derek Lam.

Pendant s by Giorgio Armani

Oval sunglasses

This frame is not very easy to wear, but it is going to become the next big trend of the season. Oval shapes can be from “squoval” to egg-shaped. Such retro shape of the specs will be on top in summer. Look for the sunglasses by Dries Van Noten, Burberry and Rochas.

Sunglasses by Burberry

Messenger bags

Another trendy accessory is a messenger bag. Crossbodies become very popular and almost all the designers create different variations of these comfortable bags. They are a little bigger this season. The messenger bags are perfect for those who have to take lots of stuff every day. The bags are still hands-free, but they don’t look like going-out pack any more. Search for the bags by Rag&Bone, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy.

Messenger bags by different designers

This season you will see lots of hybrid handbags which are made of canvas, leather and other casual materials.

Awesome belts

High-waisted pieces are on top, that’s why harness belts will be a perfect addition to the pants or skirts in this style. They refresh the ladylike pieces being a trendy contrast. Look for the accessories by Rodarte, Giorgio Armani and Dior.

Top-handle satchels

Not only messengers have been met on the runways. The bags with one handle were also very popular. They can be worn without any shoulder straps with one empty hand. These bags are very good-looking but more high-maintenance. If you want to look elegant, opt for the collections by Versace, Dolce&Gabbana and Miu Miu.

Elegant satchel

Breastplate statement necklaces

This season the necklaces are not tiny and cute. They are made of metal and they are for real badasses. So, if you want to look cool, opt for the necklaces by Giambattista Valli, Lanvin and Chanel.

Necklace by Chanel

Knee-high boots

Do you like Go-Go items? In spring 2015 patent-looking, plasticky leather knee-high boots will be perfect with always everything from little dresses to skinny jeans. If to say about the toe shape, it is squarish, not round. Look for the collections by Chanel, Versace and Proenza Schouler.

Knee-high boots by Chanel


Fringe bags

The popularity of fringe in the fall 2014 has given the way to the wonderful textured bags. They are rather comfortable and entertaining. Look for the fringe bags by Proenza Schouler, Salvatore Ferragamo and Giorgio Armani.

Tube necklaces

Such accessory can be made from different materials like metal or glass and it adds fresh flavor to the spring outfits. Wear tube necklaces with a high or low collar, never mix it with something in-between. Opt for the collections by Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo and Marni.

Tube necklace by Giprgio Armani

Wood jewels

Eco products have been used in all the fields of our life. Fashion also is influenced this tendency. Natural wood is used in many accessories from big spheres to little cedar-looking earrings. If you like this kitsch trend, opt for the accessories by Nina Ricci, Marni and Donna Karan.

Wood jewels by Donna Karan

The video of the runway show by Armani in Milan Fashion Week for spring and summer 2015