What Gloves to Wear in Winter 2014/2015

What Gloves to Wear in Winter 2014/2015: Warm and Casual Accessories for Women

It is fairly important to choose your warm and cozy garments carefully once the winter arrives. If the temperature drops below zero and it is frosty outside you need to protect your extremities from frostbites. While some women are used to spending a fortune on various stylish winter coats, hats and boots, the others prefer to take care of one of the most important and vulnerable parts to keep warm – hands and head.

Although the main priority of ladies gloves is keeping their owner’s hands warm, it does not mean that you cannot choose fashion gloves from a wide range of different types and styles that can be purchased at different department stores or even better at websites.

When creating a fashionable look remember that every detail is crucial. Here are some tendencies that will help you to pick out gloves for women in 2014/2015. Also check out our gloves photo and video materials.

Trend #1 – Black Leather Gloves

A model in black leather gloves

Black leather gloves are the etalon of classy fashion style. They will never become outdated. This accessory perfectly complements both classic and casual looks. This year the trendsetters decided to experiment with length and shape. For example, Jason Wu’s collection has short black gloves with an elegant button on the wrist. Temperley offers us long gloves up to the elbow, while Erem and Ktz are experimenting with materials and creating new interesting combinations of tissues. Meanwhile, Haizhen, Moschino Cheap&Chic, Sass And Bide demonstrate fingerless fashion gloves.

Celebrities in black leather gloves

Fingerless gloves or “glovelettes” are garments worn on the hands as regular gloves, but the finger columns are half-length and opened, allowing the top-half of the wearer’s fingers to be shown.

Trend #2 – Colored Leather

The variety of colors in the leather glove industry allows you to add extra flavor to the look. It is totally acceptable that purple or red gloves look intriguing and attract attention. This autumn-winter collection consists out of gloves that come in different styles and colors and sometimes surprise the audience. Kate Spade and Ktz consider coral to be the trend color of this year.

Marios Schwab’s, Mulberry’s and Kenneth Cole’s collections contain maroon gloves. Oscar de la Renta, on the other hand, prefers more eye-catching shades and colors like yellow and purple. Temperley considers white to be the fashion color of this season.

Colored leather gloves
Another original models that are worth noting are Vivienne Westwood’s combination of black and blue colors, Kenneth Cole’s olive green gloves and some increadible gloves from Lacoste.

Trend #3 – Wool and Other Materials

Not all gloves should be made out of leather. With the help of other tissues you can create a fashionable look, too. Jasper Conran focused on creating expressive red gloves. The Mulberry collection has an original ornament, created by the variety of colors but the overall trend of the collection stays classy.

Woolen gloves
Vivienne Westwood creates unimaginable long woolen gloves and Sister By Sibling offers the audience fur fashion fingerless gloves.

Trend #4 – Thin Gloves

Not all models are designed to keep the hands warm during cold winter or autumn. Gloves can also be a part of the evening dress. Black long gloves from PPQ or airy and weightless gloves from Louise Gray will complement your evening look.

A model in thin gloves

The hit of this winter are gloves that go up to the elbow and above. This model can be completely tight or with folds of the wrist.

How and Where to Buy Fashionable Gloves in 2014

Among all women’s accessories, gloves have a very special place. Besides being a complement for any set of clothing, they also protect ladies’ tender hands from the cold. Today you can pick out women’s gloves for any wardrobe and any purpose and every fashionista should have at least a few pairs of them.

A women in black gloves

Gloves for women can be very different. Depending on the material which they are made from you can distinguish leather, knitted, suede, kid and lace gloves. If sorted by form, there are ordinary gloves, fingerless gloves and mittens.

A model in red gloves

Gloves which cover the entire hand but do not have separate finger openings are called mittens.

Despite a rich variety of models from different manufacturers buying women’s gloves is not easy, it is an art which has its own rules. First, you have got to choose the right size by measuring the circumference of the palm. Secondly, you need to define the purpose for which the gloves are needed to be purchased. If you want to protect your hands from the cold you should pay attention to this season’s women winter gloves that are needed to emphasize the perfection of your look.

A model in black gloves

Fishnet or leather gloves will fit and bring harmony to the colors of your garments. In general the style of women gloves is selected in accordance with the general style of clothing. Classic suits and coats are worn with short gloves out of leather or suede and short-sleeved coats are complemented by long-sleeved gloves.

The video-advice how to choose comfortable gloves for the winter