Dolce and gabbana accessories for men for winter 2015

Men’s accessories for the fall and winter 2014/2015

When seasons change each other we usually want to change our clothes and to add some new details. When the warm days of the early autumn are changed by nasty and cold late autumn days, we begin thinking about the winter wardrobe. It’s natural, because the summer becomes a distant memory and our outfits become warmer with more soft and comfortable layers.

When the days become colder, we layer up our clothes with warm scarves, gloves and hats not to be cold and wear sturdy boots to keep our feet warm. Accessories in winter play the special role and they come with their own during late autumn and winter. We want to focus on the winter accessories for men now and to pick some top trends, which will be popular in the autumn and winter 2014/2015.

Accessories can help you in expressing the individualism.

Phillip Plein fitting his collectuin for FW 2014/2015

Slouchy bags

Structured bags are perfect for the office but if you are going somewhere for off-duty days, the softer constructions are preferable. This season wonderful canvas duffles, suede holdalls and sporty backpacks are on top in the collections by many fashion designers.

Louis Vuitton is an iconic designer who has has changed the way of thinking about slouchy bags.

Military and nautical details are always the determinant elements in the menswear collections, this season a great amount of the bags has been created sticking to it.

Sailor duffles are rather practical and comfortable, they have much more free space than backpacks. It’s easy to fit all the necessary essentials in it and to look stylish. Fred Perry’s canvas and Zara’s texture duffles can be a great choice.

Slouchy bags

Backpacks are also very popular in the autumn and winter 2014/2015. The backpacks with soft silhouettes and athletic finishes are in a big way now. These new tendencies are rather fresh and breathe a new life to this functional bag.

One of the most clever feature of the bags is the media pocket. This kind of accessory can protect your gadgets and technical devices and be a perfect finish of the modern outfit. Look for the bags by Sandqvist, Herschel and Zara to find the perfect options.

Louis Vuitton, one of the fashion designers, who offers not only gorgeous luxurious leather keepalls, but also trendy navy and black canvas  bags with iconic print, which look stylish and sophisticated.

Various totes and holdalls are also on trend. These silhouettes are perfect for a travelling, they are wonderful on-the-road companions. The main features are capacity and style. These bags  allow you to squeeze in all the necessary belonging to feel comfort at any situation. Opt for the slouchy totes and holdalls by John Lewis, Burberry, Want les Essentials de La Vie and Mulberry. They all are very stylish and trendy.

Trendy bag by ASOS

Stylish structured hats

Hats have already played a great role in the fashion world for many years. Nowadays the men often leave their house with the head uncovered, but this season the structured hats have made a real comeback.

The stylish choice of this season is the pork pie, fedora and trilby. Such vintage style of the hats adds fresh elements to the silhouettes with the help of bold colours, wide brims and new textured fabrics. Avoid combining such hats with a suit, the best pairs are chunky knits, leather jackets and stylish denim. Such combination looks trendy and modern.

River Island autumn/winter 2014/2015

Comfortable and warm oversized scarves

The big blanket scarf has been seen in many various collections for autumn and winter 2014/2015. It brings the elements of traditional styles from Latin America, Middle-Eastern motifs and the elements of tribal clothes of Sub-Saharan African people. So, you find different prints and colours here. The blanket scarf can look individual and very masculine. Search for the accessory by Burberry, Zara and Topman to create well-crafted ensembles. Combine it with stylish tailored coats,various corduroys and fisherman knits. The scarf will be a perfect accessory on chilly and windy winter days.

Oversized scarf by ASOS

Heavy boots

Snow flurries, frost-riddled roads and slippery things make the heavy boots one of the most important item of the autumn and winter wardrobe. Hiking-inspired boots are on top this season. Durable grip sole is a great option of the winter boots. Look for the designs from Fracap, Bally and Bellfield. Pair such boots with the casual urban outfits to create a considered look. You can choose cords, denim or even trousers.

Heavy boots are popular because of their stylishness, comfort and durability.

Heavy boots

Leather gloves

Such accessory is usually created in traditional designs and it’s a key investment not to expose the fingers to the influence of wind and frost. Search for the pair which will fit your hands perfect. As for the linings, opt for the fur, wool, and cashmere. This season different details are popular. Try dual-tone gloves, which can add a little colour to your winter look. The people, who like classic variants, opt for the sheepskin gloves.

Hoolywood collection for the fall and winter 2014/2015

Accessories are an essential part of the winter wardrobe. They can help you to express the individuality and to keep you in the warmth and comfort. Winter accessories are very functional but they also add some stylish elements to the whole wardrobe.

The video of Burberry Menswear Fashion Show for Autumn and Winter 2014/2015