Pastels in fall and winter 2014/2015

Pastels in fall and winter 2014/2015

One of the most beautiful and delicate trend of this season is pastel palette. In the fall and winter 2014/2015 you can find various pastel colours from sweet sorbets to heavenly macaroons, amazing fairy pinks and wonderful baby blues. These shades can make winter days sweeter and more delectable.

Usually dark hues are associated with cold months and they are often met on the runways. But this year everything differs. The cold autumn and winter days will be sweetened up with the incredible soft shades which can pave the way for the spring and summer beautiful hues, like baby blue, soft pink, lavender and mint green.

Pastel coat for women for the fall 2014

Though pastels are often associated with spring months this feminine trend is popular this season.

Pastel shades in the fall 2014

As you know, pastel hues are now ready to enter the cold season fashion world and begin the transition into the fall and winter dark territory. That’s why now it’s the time to think about your seasonal wardrobe, including there pieces of clothes in pastel shades. They can be delicate coats, light-coloured gowns, soft pastel knitwear and other pieces in pale hues.

Bluish outfits

As for the trending shades of this season, they are much more about the classics with the infusion of the sleek and cozy silhouettes, which are imagined for the cold months. So, this autumn think of the colours in terms of:

  • various shades of light pink like icy pink, salmon pink, blush pink, powder pink, champagne pink and others;
  • beautiful pastel apricot, peach and ivory;
  • delicate cream, vanilla, lemon yellow, lemon chiffon;
  • light green shades like pistachio, mint, moss green, tea green and light sage;
  • light purple shades like lavender, periwinkle, heather, opal purple and sage flower;
  • powder blue, baby blue, Carolina blue, Alice blue, ice blue, sky blue.

As you see, trendy pastels for the autumn and winter are very wearable and they can pave the way to the spring and summer wardrobe.

Trendy pastel heaven oversized coat

Trendy layering

Don’t forget that we are talking about low temperatures and windy days, that’s why warm layers can be the most important part of your wardrobe. Mixing various pretty pastels with other shades you can create wonderful and unexpected combinations. We advise you to try these variations:

  • combine pastel hues like baby blues with neutrals like beige, sand, camel and browns;
  • mix pastel shades with dark or light grey and you outfit will look perfect. It’s the real recipe for successful combination;
  • add a little spice to your look, combining contrasting shades like forest green and the powder pink. You will surprised with the beauty of such unexpected mixture;
  • if you want to create a very feminine and luxurious outfit, combine pastel shades with lots of white. To complete the look, make a soft ponytail and choose a bare face;
  • if to tone down the pastel shades with lots of black you can create a rather edgy and cool outfit.

Powder pink pastels


The mixture of pastel and dark shades is the perfect combination for the cool evenings.


The ways of wearing pastel shades this fall

Some people think that pastel hues are suitable only for the fashionistas, who want to determine the femininity and tenderness, but the runway shows of many famous designers can prove that they are wrong. Certainly, the easiest ways to wear pastel shades this season can lead to the sexy, fun and feminine outfits, but there are many alternative ways of mixing delicate colours, which can make your look trendy and fashionable.

Clash the pastels into the athletic-inspired outfits, choosing wonderful sporty dresses, cool trendy sweatshirts or minimalistic rain coats, which are made in sports-luxe style this season.

Also you can choose a trendy tailored menswear-inspired suit, combine it with a wide-brimmed stylish hat and a pair of beautiful heels. This look will stand out this fall and winter.

Gucci pastel outfit

What to wear – minimal silhouettes or heavy embellishments?

 In the fall and winter 2014/2015 the pastel hues come together with simple, sleek and uncomplicated silhouettes. They all are minimalistic, elegant and sophisticated.  But this season you can also meet lots of pretty and delicate pastels hand in hand with heavy embellishments. This combination looks rather extraordinarily and fresh. Make experiments and choose what you like most of all.

When creating your pastel outfit, skip pastel and neutral makeup not to look like an Easter egg.

Winter pastel shades

We should say that you shouldn’t have the closet full of the clothes in pastel huesto create trendy fall and winter outfits. Opt for the key pieces in order to breath new fresh life into your clothes. Choose such pieces:

  • overcoats in pastel shades and combine them with timeless tailoring together with simple cuts and silhouettes to create maximum versatility;
  • big oversized knitwear in light soft tones, which can be worn with the wet look hair and trendy Gothic make-up;
  • beautiful feminine dresses in light fluid fabrics which you can combine with a blanket coat or a fur coat to create maximum impact;
  • various midi-skirts in soft tones to make a mixture of both chunky and lightweight knits;
  • a unique statement dress which looks perfect, to make your Holiday evenings incredible.Gucci collection for fall 2014

As you see, there are many ways of wearing pastel shades and they all are different. You shouldn’t change your wardrobe, just add some elements in pastel tones and you’ll be trendy.

The video of Gucci runway show for the fall and winter 2014/2015