Nina Garcia

Several fashion hacks from Nina Garcia

Today we want to tell you some styling tips by Nina Garcia, the creative director of the fashion magazine “Marie Claire”, how to avoid wrinkles on your clothes and what to wear for various occasions. Nina is also known as a judge on the Project Runway.

Next time when you are going to get dressed and discover that your pieces of clothes are wrinkled, your shoes or bags are scratched, remember that you are not alone. The celebrity deal with the same problems. Nina Garcia knows a lot about the world of fashion, but she is only a woman and has the same problems as other women have. But she has the solutions and can give you some tips and tricks.

Nina Garcia began her career in the industry of fashion in the beginning of the 1980s

Some advices from Nina Garcia how to keep your clothes in good condition

Nina has told us the tricks she uses in her life, which help her to look stylish at any situation.

Scratches on leather handbags can be fixed

If you see that your leather shoe, wallet or handbag has a crack or a scratch, rub a little moisturizer in it. The scratch will gone away. It is similar to adding lotion to the dry skin.

Leather handbags

Keep your shirt sleeves rolled

It’s rather simple. If you like to roll the sleeves on your button-up blouse, do it before you put it on. Keep the sleeve buttons buttoned to avoid readjustment. This trick will help you to keep the sleeves even, without looking bulky.

Rolled-up sleeves

Remove the wrinkles on your pieces without ironing

The worst things in the look are wrinkles. They can ruin everything. But the worst is that they are inevitable. That’s why Nina advices everyone to have a little travel-sized steamer. This gadget can make your life much easier. It can be even smaller than a little hairdryer and you can take it wherever you go. And when you have not much time, you can use it and to make your pieces look perfect.

You can treat your jewelry with an all-purpose cleaner

There are certainly different jewelry professional polishes for cleaning silver or gold jewels. But if you don’t have one, you can do it with a household cleaner. The result will be perfect.


Put the leather leggings into the freezer

Nina Garcia has given an interesting piece of advice how to keep the shape of the leather leggings. It’s so simple, just put them into the freezer for some time. This trick will elongate the leggings life.

Trendy leather pants

Rubber platform heels are very handy

Such heels are rather comfortable and look very stylish. Even the smallest platform is better for you than a thin sole because it can offset some pressure  and you feel the ultimate comfort. Rubbery is the best material for such sole. Try such platform heels and you will know how to wear heels and not to get tired.

In September 2008 Nina became the Fashion director at Marie Claire

The tips how to look your best everywhere

Nina Garcia has given us several pieces of advice to create a stylish wardrobe.

Shopping is rather important

Some people think that they haven’t to worry about their old duds when they go shopping for the new ones. But to make this excursion wonderful, you should remember about your lingerie. It has to be adorable and well-cut, not ultra-sexy, if you want to look perfect when slipping out and in of your clothes.

Women on shopping

Layering can make you look different

Make different layers when combining new outfits. For example, wear jeans, a t-shirt, cardigan and jacket. If you go shopping, it can help you try different pants or top options using your own clothes. Layering is also perfect when the weather is rather changeable. You cannot control the temperature outside, but you can control your comfort.

Go natural on your first date

Sometimes the girls buy brand-new outfits for their first date, but it is not the best time for such outfits. Nina Garcia advises to look natural and to wear the clothes and shoes, which have already been tested. To tell the truth, most men are rather conservative and their reaction to the straight-off-the-runway outfits can be unpredictable. That’s why think about the pieces which are a little bit sexy and effortlessly cool. Opt for a top combined with a pair of skinny jeans or a simple tailored dress. Choose the best outfit that fits you perfect.

Nina Garcia is the authour of four books about Style and Fashion

Wear comfortable clothes having brunch with friends

Meeting with your besties is not the opportunity to wear to outshine anyone, remember about it. Everyone can be tired with “up-and-down glance” and such meetings are perfect for chatting and having great time. Opt for a stylish maxi dress with floral print, pair it with beautiful ballet flats and be gorgeous.

Miranda Kerr wearing a long dress with floral print

Nina Garcia thinks that all the confusions come from the fear to break the fashion rules, the fear to break the traditions and the fear to look bad. She says that style is fun. The style is the knowledge of where, when and how combine your collection of clothes.

The video of the discussion between Nina Garcia and Pimm Fox about the new trends and the returning of supemodels on Bloomberg Television