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Several fashion myths

Don’t you think that there are so many rules in our life? Certainly, the rules which have a certain attitude toward our system of life should be applied, but if we say about fashion, they are not necessary. It’s a nonsense that the industry which is eager to be creative and full of fads and fancies has so many ridiculous rules. You should know that most of them have been the fashion rules since your granny was choosing her pieces of clothes, contemplating what to choose. That’s why we want to break some fashion rules which are not relevant nowadays.  Remember that inside all “don’ts”  there are always “dos”.

To be stylish is being fearless and not believing various fashion myths.

Horizontal stripes

A lot of women avoid horizontal stripes. They think that they look wider and heavier wearing the pieces with such print. There is a myth that horizontal stripes make you appear much wider, and the vertical stripes make you look leaner and longer. It depends on the area where they are. If you want to reduce the effect of wearing stripe prints you can layer it up with a cardigan or a blazer. Also you can choose the item of dark colours with thinner stripes. It will look stylish and elegant and you will wear stripes without any fear.

A dress with horizontal stripes

Stripes are rather universal. If you are very slim, small stripes and cute fitted shape will create the illusion of beautiful curves. In case if you are an owner of an hourglass figure, thicker stripes will look the best.

Wearing double denim

As you know denim on denim is the trend of this season. But many women are still afraid of making such a combination not to suffer from the tuxedo jokes. But don’t fear. Add some dimension to your common look – “skinny jeans and chambray shirt”.  Wide-leg jeans and denim top can look perfect even on their own, but if you pair the outfit with a sleek high heels and a stylish coat, you’ll catch everybody’s eyes.

Wide leg denim

Combining various prints

There is a myth that you should not mix various patterns and prints not to look ridiculous. But in the modern collections you can see various mixtures of stripes and parsleys, argyles and plaids. If you want to look fashionable and stylish, there are no taboos.

Outfit with different prints

 Navy and black pieces together

Some people think that the mixture of black and blue can’t look harmoniously being close in shades, that’s why they avoid this combination. To make the look more stylish and trendy and to be afraid of such colour combinations, follow our tips.

  • Accessorize your black and blue outfit (for example, pair blue skinny jeans with a black sweater) with red heels and beautiful red lipstick. This is the easiest way to make your blue and black look stylish and chic.
  • Another tip is to pay attention to the difference in tones. For example, if to wear a white shirt under a blue blazer and combine this outfit with a black skirt, you will look modern and stylish and your outfit won’t be accidental.
  • Brighter hues also will help you in creating beautiful outfits. Cobalt or sky blue can create an ideal mixture together with black.
  • Also you can try wearing a crop top in dark blue, which can open a little skin and make your outfit more harmonious.

The mixture of blue and black

To create a stylish look incorporate a mix of textures for a dynamic outcome.

Athletic inspired clothes worn at night

We know that athletic clothes we wear only to the gym. But now you can see lots of collections of famous fashion designers inspired by sports. Donna Karan, Alexander Wang and Norma Kamali have created comfortable clothes, which you can wear at night, too.  It’s the trend of the season. Combining athletic inspired outfit, remember about the proportions so people won’t think you  are a girl, who is on a late-night run.

Outfit by Alexander Wang

Wearing sweats outside the gym

These items are so soft and comfortable. So, it’s natural that everyone want to wear them almost everywhere. But sometimes they seem like you are going to do squats or planks in the gym. Fortunately, designers offer different sweats with cool prints, which look stylish and trendy. When choosing this humankind’s item, pay attention to the colours and prints. They can look cute and modern.

Rihanna wearing Alexander Wang sweats

Tall women should never wear heels

Heels make you look great at any moments. They can elongate your legs, and class up any outfit. There are so many various wonderful shoes for any occasion in the world, why limit the choice only because if your height. A lot of tall women prefer flats to the great heels only because of their height. They shouldn’t do so. The heels can help any women to look gorgeous. And there are so many comfortable heels, which can make you feel perfect. Choose any you like.

Comfortable heels

Sparkle at daytime

Many people avoid wearing sparkle and sequins during the daytime not to look like the decorations. To be honest, they are true in cases when the sparkle is overdone. For example if to wear a sequin dress and put in a blazer over it, the sparkle will not tone done and the whole look won’t be finished. So, what to do to tone down the glitz? Try wearing sparkle tops or skirts, not the whole outfits during the daytime. You can pair them with cardigans or jackets to pull the sparkle down a notch. Pants or jeans make the look more casual, even if the top sparkles.

Sparkle daytime outfit

Sparkles and sequins are very fashionable and can adorn any outfit not only evening clothes.

Fashion world is very changeable. Take experiments, follow our pieces of advice and be beautiful.

The video of the fashion myths for plus size women