Colouor swatches

Spring and Summer 2015 colour trends

Every season we think about the colours of our wardrobe. Fashion designers create cool collections paying attention to the trendy shades and hues. The new season sets the spotlight of several hues and the right choice of the shades can encapsulate the whole wardrobe. So, how to make this choice? What colours will be trendy in spring and summer 2015?

Let’s talk about the design agency Lenzing and the global colour authority Pantone. What hues and shades will be on top according to their investigations?

Lenzing agency forecast

Thinking about the design of various items you realize that it is the thing which makes various ideas tangible. Besides, it can bring the inspiration, disruption, mobilization and various collaborations. This season is the time of relation between designers, brands and consumers. Roles have shifted and everyone want to take part in the contribution to the society and other people’s lives.

Forecasting agency Lenzing determines the colour theme of the upcoming season as serene and sensual.

According to Lenzing’s forecasting in spring and summer 2015 6 colour sub-trends and styles will be popular.

  • iMade. This trend is hybrid of general and personal. Creative elements in the pieces of clothes, various embellishments. Old techniques are combined with new details. The importance of different fashion companies which produce one-off garments.

Spring and summer 2015 colour trends

  • Fragile. What can we say about this tendency? It is featured with airfilled fabrics, light and dreamy hues. Ephemeral materials, soft fabrics and new ways of making light tulle with the help of laser underline the femininity. Flowery 3D patterns and shapes are also used by designers.


  • Riot. This combination is usually a print in clashing bold colours, figurative and graphic patterns. These patterns interact with one another making the third one. Textured fabrics, knit design, various techniques, cuts and colours make this tendency popular.


  • Kaleidoscope. It’s an architectural interplay of different edgy shapes and surfaces like shiny and metallic, complex and crackled. This style is very busy, it is quivering and moving. As for the patterns, we can see here many historical elements and cutting-edge techniques.


  • Anonymous. Industrially produces but full of warmth and feelings of handmade. Various stripes and checks, mélange and similar effects. As for the colours, they also shouldn’t strike the eye. The effects are rather natural and comfortable.


  • Pulse. The fundamental features of this trend are the adventure, fantasy, discovery and fascination. Colour blocking is used without patterns and it makes this fashion tendency effective and rather pure.



Pantone trendy colours for spring and summer 2015

This season is very soft and minimalistic. It is featured with cooler colours with subtle warm tones. The whole colour palette is rather naturalistic and full of air. The mix of eclectic brights, neutrals and delicate pastels takes the central placein the palette. Floral art, retro details, folkloric elements and tropical landscapes remind us about warm and beautiful months.

Pantone Fashion Colour report says that the theme of the Spring and Summer 2015 will be “en plein air””. It is natural and subtle-looking.

Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of Pantone Colour Institute, says that it’s very important to create ‘quiet zones’ and to have a rest from busy life and constant movement, to disconnect from technology.

The colour palette of the upcoming season comes out of the designs at Fashion Week.

Let’s see what hues and shades will be on top this season, how to wear and to combine them.

Pantone spring 2015 colours


This wonderful airy blue colour is full of dreams and restful thoughts. It’s rather calming and cool. Aquamarine is also a little bit wet and watery, so using it in your wardrobe it will act as a stress minimizer and you will feel peace. Lots of designers have used this colour in their collections. Opt for the pieces by Cynthia Steffe, Banjanan, Pamella Roland, BCBGMAXAZRIA and Rachel Pally. Aquamarine can be combined with Glacier Gray, peach, Marsala and green to create a charming look.

Aquamarine is the softest and calmest hue of the blue

Pantone Aquamarine

Scuba Blue

It’s a carefree and playful turquoise. Though this hue is rather cool, Scuba Due adds some elements of excitement and energy to palette. It’s like a breath of a tropical ocean. It’s brighter than ever. Wearing it you think about the holiday on the coast. Scuba Blue can be paired with Classic Blue, Lucite Green, radiant orchid and bright white. Opt for the collections by such designers as Degen, Tadashi Shoji, Barbara Tfank.

Scuba Blue

Lucite green

It’s a soothing and fresh green colour which appears from time to time. Lucite green is a little minty, clarifying and rather transparent. This shade is lightweight and refreshing. Combine it with Classic Blue and Scuba Blue. To create the outlook it Lucite Green, opt for the collections by Christian Siriano, Betsey Johnson and Monique Lhuillier.

Lucite Green

Classic Blue

This shade is rather calm, thoughtful and reliable. It inspires harmony and confidence. Classic Blue is introspective and thoughtful, but at the same time this hue is rather reliable and strong. Pair it with Sandstone and Masala. As for the designers, which have used this shade, look for the pieces by Perry Ellis, David Hart, Trina Turk and TiA CiBaNi.

Classic Blue

Toasted Almond

This sun-tanned shade brings balance to the cool palette of the spring and summer 2015 by Pantone. Toasted Almond is rather neutral and comfortable. It’s full of warm summer feelings. This shade is timeless and universal. You can combine it with Lavender Herb, metallic, creamy shades of ivory and white. Opt for the collections by David Tiale, David Hart, Nonoo and Jay Godfrey.

Toasted Almond

Strawberry Ice

It is delicate and refreshing. It combines the warmth and coolness. Strawberry ice is the perfect hue for spring and summer being charming and subtle. The shade is rather tasty, it emits healthy glow. Pair Strawberry Ice with Toasted Almond and Tangerine. This combination will be awesome. Look for the collections by Ella Moss, Bibhu Mohapatra and Rebecca Minkoff.

Strawberry pink is for those who like bubbly air and healthy glow without being too girly.

Strawberry Ice


This juicy orange is very energizing but not jarring to the eye. This shade is very friendly and good natured, making everyone smile. Tangerine is a strong colour and it can stand on its own but being applied to the printed patterns it looks wonderful. Combine this shade with Toasted Almond and Strawberry Ice. To get inspiration, look for the collection by Yoana Baraschi.



It is a delectable and delicious yellow. This shade is rather sunny, cheerful and sweet. Custard is the shade which brings comfort and relax. Subtle Custard is full of warm, mellow and soft feelings. You can pair it with Classic Blue. Such designers as Nanette Lepore, Alice&Trixie, Nicole Miller have used this amazing hue in their collections.



It’s the foundation of the whole Spring and Summer 2015 palette. Marsala is bold and sensual, looking like fortified wine with robust shade. This shade is very rich and warm, with red-brown roots and earthy sophisticated feelings. Pair Marsala with Sandstone and Classic Blue. Daniel Silverstain and Herve Leger have used this shade in their new collections.


Glacier Gray

This neutral shade allow other hues be in the center. Glacier Gray can enhance and contrast. Such shade is timeless, peacefully relaxing and quiet. Pair it with Dusk blue and Treetop. Dennis Basso and M.PATMOS are the fashion designers which can help you to find the perfect piece in GlacierGray.

Glacier Gray

Nostalgic shades in Spring and Summer 2015

Dusk Blue. We think that it’s the men’s favourite shade. Dusk Blue is faithful and dependable, reminiscent of the sky. Such nostalgic shade move us to the quiet and calm place. To create a stylish look, pair this shade with Glacier Gray and Treetop.

Dusk blue

Treetop. It is fertile and natural green. Treetop can be perfectly used as a background in the combination with other shades. This soothing shades helps everyone to relax and calm down in different stress situations. Pair it with Dusk Blue and Glacier. David Hart has created many pieces in Treetop in his new collection.


Woodbine. This tropical green shade is nature’s neutral. Woodbine is yellow-green which can be worn almost with everything. It’s the shade of grass, foliage and green growing plants. Pair it with Lavender Herb and Titanium.


Sandstone. It’s a grounded and stable shade. Sandstone is earthy and woodsy, with warm notes. Such shade remind us about the returning to nature and simple and memorable things. Combine it with Classic Blue and Marsala.


Titanium. It’s strong, solid and masculine gray shade. Titanium is classic, practical and durable, it’s the base of any classic wardrobe. Combine Titanium with Lavander Herb and Woodbine to create a perfect look.


Lavender Herb. This hue is very nostalgic. It adds some intrigue to the spring and summer 2015 palette. Such wonderful and creative shade can be combined with many other shades, but one of the most interesting combinations it can create with Toasted Almond.

Lavender Herb

The process of researching and choosing new colours is rather long, it can take even for several years. For example, Pantone has spent five years to create “Radiant Orchid”, which has become the colour of 2014.

As you see the next season is going to be a little cool and very beautiful. The shades interplay with one another and create unique combinations. Follow our pieces of advice, combine different variants and be beautiful.

The video of the Spring 2015 Pantone Fashion Color Report