Beanie is one of the trendiest accessories in winter

Beanie is one of the trendiest accessories in winter

When cold weather comes everyone covers his head with a stylish hat. Last year all the fashionistas wore neon toppers and we thought that beanies would not be on top this tear. But this time there are even more fashionable ways of wearing this knitted hat.

Beanie is a trendy accessory

A cable-knit  hat can be the most noticeable detail in your outfit. It can be of various shades and colours, with or without pom-pom detail and can be matched to various pieces. This stocking-style topper is a layering essential as the temperature drops. Wearing a bright beanie can make the neutral look stand out. This accessory can speak volumes, just create the right combinations. For example, a hoody paired with beanie adds some sporty elements of 90’s girl fashion to this winter style.

Beanie is a perfect hat both for women and men.

Beanie in real life

Popular ways of wearing beanie in the winter 2015

It may seem that wearing a beanie is just a very simple question and certainly, it is only the part of the truth. Some people think that you just put it on your head and that’s all. But, however, there are tons of different ways of wearing beanies.  It was popular in the 90s and nowadays it has come back, but it’s more versatile and functional. We want to tell you several the most popular and trendy ways how to wear this slouchy winter accessory. You can effortlessly change your style and look different every day without trying too hard.

Once beanie was a headwear for children but now it is the most popular hat among fashionistas.

The most usual and natural way of wearing

It’s very simple and fuss free. This way will keep you warm and comfortable. Wear the beanie over your forehead and cover your ears. A little angle to the back of the head will make you look very cute. Wear your hair out wearing knitted hat and it will look very natural and stylish. Also this way is perfect for the people who don’t want to worry about the hair style after taking the beanie off.

Natural way of wearing beanie

Knitted beanie and bangs

If you wear bangs you’ve got lots of options to style your beanie. This way of wearing is rather playful. Just push your knitted hat back and show your fringe. Also you can try to sweep the bangs to one side, creating a cute look. If you have any troubles with your bangs, hide them, pushing them back.

Beanie and fringe

Beanie and a braid

It’s a perfect style for weekends especially when you are going shopping or meeting with friends. Sometimes it’s windy and you don’t want to have a mess on your head. These is a decision – create a lose side braid and wear a beautiful knitted beanie. Taking your hat off you can untie your beanie and create natural hair waves with your fingers.

Messy fishtail braid and grey beanie

Beanie in the combination with side-swept hair

Such mixture is very casual. It looks wonderful on the hair of different length from short to long. Just add a little hairspray and various bobby pins to make your hair keep in place.

Slouchy style

Before choosing the perfect beanie, think about the style. There is a variety of them. Some knitted hats can be closely cropped, others – a little slouchy. Try wearing all of them to choose the best one. Slouchy beanies can help you to create a stylish off-duty look. When wearing, push the hat with the loose-fitting back of the beanie and let it slouch. But if you want to have a closer fit, fold your slouchy hat up. It’s the solution for the fashionistas who want to change their looks every day.

Slouchy beanie

Rolled up beanie

This look is on top. In the collections of many designers in the previous fashion week we have seen a lot of models wearing the hats high on their heads. You can follow their tips and create your own trendy outfit. To complete such look, wear the hair out.

Make your beanie stand out

How to achieve such effect? It’s very easy. Use various prints, fun patterns and bold colours. Such knitted hat can be a statement accessory and brighten up any outfit. Think about bright orange, it’s very popular this season.

Orange beanie makes the outfit be different

Some tips about wearing beanie style

This trendy hat is rather comfortable and makes you feel warm. But you should keep some pointers in mind if you want to look stylish.

  • Beanies look perfect with casual pieces of clothes like denim, coats and sneakers.
  • To create various looks, mix the styles up and add a bright beanie to the office look or to the girlie trendy full skirt.
  • You can have some variants of this accessory. Solid beanies can be easily mixed and matched with any outfit, bit bright beanies with different prints will add more interesting details to your look.

We don’t want to let the low temperature, the ice and the snow stand in the way of our beautiful outfits. We want to look stylish and fashionable at any weather. This year oversized puffers and heavy snow pants are not one of the trendiest things. Instead winter-ready outfits are sleek and full of various layers. Beanie is the perfect accessory, which can be a cool winter detail and look wonderful almost with any outfit. Don’t be afraid of making experiments and creating different variations with your beanies. Follow our tips and be beautiful.

The video of six ways how to wear beanies