Pre-Fall 2015 Emporio Armani’s collection

Pre-Fall 2015 Emporio Armani’s collection

Armani is a well-known Italian brand, which always have played with different tendencies and created wonderful new collections. But a couple of last seasons there was not much progress in creating new trends and showing new styles.  Armani’s collections were beautiful but not very interesting and fresh. The new release of the Pre-Fall Emperio Armani’s collection has made a splash.

Giorgio Armani’s new collection

Having released the new Pre-Fall 2015 collection, the fashion house really has found the brisk wind and created something new and interesting.  Looking at the outfits of Emporio Armani, you can understand that all the designers exercised much enthusiasm and showed great interest when working at the images. Tailored originality and modern silhouettes make the looks by Armani perfect.

Giorgio Armani, who formed his company, Armani, in 1975, is one of the most successful designers who have come out of Italy.

A wonderful pantsuit by Armani for the Fall 2015

This collection is all about mixing proportions and structures, feminine and masculine appeal, various prints and textures. Wonderful suits in light grey and black colours, amazing bright jackets and delicate coats with leather insertions can help all the women look stylish and elegant at any situation. The colour palette is very soft and feminine. Due to the mixture of all the requirements  the outfits look very expensive and unhackneyed.

Grey coat by Emporio Armani. Pre-Fall 2015

The Italian maestro has reworked the signature patterns and showcased the new dimensions of architectural proportions for the fall 2015.  Each ensemble is perfectly sculptured. Armani created angular silhouettes adding chic mini dresses, wide-legged pants, collarless waist jackets with side slits and quilted leather tops. Using of lace details and layering, Armani has created a strong air of femininity of the images.

Armani was the first designer from the world of haute coutur who broadcast his runway show online on the Internet. It was in 2007.

In general, the Pre-Fall 2015 Armani’s collection shows impressive traditions of various festive events.

Tailored suits by Emporio Armani

Fabrics and colour palette of the new collection

Masculine appeal of the collection can be perfectly soften with beautiful feminine details and delicate colour palette. Tranquil and soft colours are rather pale. You can see here pale blue, dusty purple, turquoise, ivory, light grey and dusty teal. Elegant palette of grey, black and ivory is highlighted by purple, teal and soft blue. These shades embody stylishness and unique elegance.

If to speak about fabrics and materials, the designers of Armani fashion house mixed warm fabrics like knits, fur, wool, cashmere and jacquards with technical materials like leather, plastic and print nylon. Silk and crepe are also used to add some glamorous details to the images.

Pele red coat by Emporio Armani Pre-Fall 2015

Georgio Armani is the master of creating fabulous outfits

As I’ve already said, there is a strong masculine appeal of the whole collection. It is softened with the colour palette and eveningwear. Feminine viscose dresses with lace bodice will be appreciated by all the women.

There are lots of labels which are made by Armani fashion house. They are Emporio Armani, Armani Prive, Armani Jeans, Armani Collezioni and others.

Giorgio Armani is the real master of creating wonderful and fabulous trouser suits, which are always very stylish, comfortable and versatile. The Pre-Fall 2015 collection for women goes with bold and clear lines, that’s why all the looks seem rigorous and minimalistic. Loose-fit touch can be seen in almost all the architectural silhouettes.  Armani has reworked popular micrographic patterns and prints and combined them with modern silhouettes. Such mixture has softened the strong masculine appeal and the outfits look interesting and modern. All the pieces are rather laconic, though there are some beautiful eye-catching details like stylish statement belts, wraps and various cuts.

Light grey suit with bare hands by Emporio Armani. Pre-Fall 2015

Armani created lots of mid-length skirts together with a great selection of pants with the length right at the shin. They can be mixed with beautiful tailored jackets, some of them are with short sleeves right at the t-shirt length, others are with long. Evening looks of the Pre-Fall 2015 Emporio Armani collection are featured with bare legs and arms.

The designers created beautiful accessories to finish the look. There are various statement earrings, oversized cuffs, minaudiere clutches, silk neck scarves, patterned stockings and different handbags.

Footwear included ankle booties, patent leather brogues, pointy-toe heels, lace-up shoes which are inspired by favourite men’s shoes and high heel stilettos. In the variety of styles and colours everyone can choose he prefers.

Little black dress by Emporio Armani. Pre-Fall 2015

New Pre-Fall collection of Giorgio Armani is very comfortable and universal. Architectural silhouettes and masculine appeal is softened with beautiful pale palette and delicate materials. Everyone can find the inspiration in the new images. If you haven’t found the combinations you like, make experiments and create new looks. Giorgio Armani’s collection will help women look stylish and beautiful at any situation.

The video of the Emporio Armani collection of womenswear for spring and summer 2015