Some tips of how to make your legs look longer

Unfortunately, we are not all born with long legs like supermodels. And for many women the dream of looking like Victoria Secret’s models remains only a dream. All we know that if there is a trend in the world of fashion, women often want to change everything in their bodies to look like the style icons. But our bodies can’t usually be changed. If you want to be blonde, it is very easy to change your look and die your hair, but if your aim is to become taller and you have already stopped growing, you can do not much. But, fortunately, fashion tricks can help you look leaner and taller. There are various outfits which can make you appear sexier and slimmer this winter and all year long. We want to give you some pieces of advice how to change your height in everyone’s eyes.  

Opt for the nude footwear

Certainly, this tip mainly concerns shoes. There is no surprise that the style of your footwear can lengthen your legs. So, to add some height opt for the nude colour. A simple nude pump can make you look taller and leaner. It’s one of the simplest ways to change your look.

Christian Louboutin nude collection

Select pointy-toe boots

There is a variety of classic and trendy toe-shapes of the shoes in the world of fashion. You can choose any you want. But we advise you to put away round-toe shoes and square-toe ones. They are not for you this season. Pointy boots can be your best friends to lengthen your legs and to create a wonderful winter style.

Black pointed-toe boots

Choose one colour and try sticking with it

Everyone knows that black colour can make any figure look leaner and taller. But have you known that this trick can work almost with all the shades, particularly dark colours? You can pick just one dark colour (think about deep blue, dark green or maybe about burgundy) and stick with it. Create the outfit of one colour, adding trendy accessories to create a statement look. You will look much slimmer and taller in everyone’s eyes.

Black head-to-toe outfit

Wide-leg pants are your must-haves

Some people think that such pants seem a little daunting because of their wideness. But get rid of this fear. You can take the pants to the tailor to make them fit well and to cut the length to graze the top of the shoes. Such pants make perfect figure curves and you will look taller. Always pair wide-leg pants with heels.

Wide-leg pants

Match your pants and your footwear

It’s very easy. For example, if you are going black denim today, think about black boots. The same shade of the pants and shoes will make your legs look longer and make the bodyline much leaner. This strategy is known as a one-way ticket to the long legs.

Highwaisted pants look trendy and statement

There is no other style which can be so feminine and make the legs look so long. Wear a beautiful shirt and tuckle it into a high-waisted pants or skirts. This trick will make a confusion about where your legs start. It’s really a very thing if you want to elongate your legs especially for those women who have long torso and rather short legs. Add high-waisted bottoms to your wardrobe and you’ll see how your figure changes.

High waisted pants

Wear ankle boots with v-shaped cuts

Such shape, so as the shoes with pointy-toe, works perfect for the petite women. Winter ankle boots with a v-shaped cut at the top can create wonderful transition between legs and feet. Search for different colours to choose the perfect for you.

ankle boots with v-shaped cut

Pair cropped sweaters with high-waisted bottoms

As we have already said, high waist is perfect for the people with short legs. High-waisted bottoms look perfect and they work wizardly if the girls want to have longer legs. When a cropped top and high towering heels meet high-waisted skirts or pants, the whole look is perfect and the power of the wizards increases.

Vertical stripes of the bottom flatter the legs

That’s not a secret that vertical stripes make the things longer. This optical illusion can come in very handy to us. Search for the bottom in vertical stripes. These can be jeggings, pants or skirts. If you are afraid of this print and not ready to such attention-grabbing style, opt for the black and white stripes. Don’t forget about the rest of your outfit, which should be much muter than the bright stripes.

Black and white vertical stripes

Ankle straps will make your legs even shorter

Avoid such straps at any case, they will not make you look more beautiful, quite the contrary they will cut off even the slimmest legs visually. So, choose another pair of shoes even if you like these straps very much.

On conclusion, we want to tell you some words. Avoid capri pants, calf-length skirts, and pleated bottom. Choose wide-legs pants, dark straight jeans and pair them with dark boots with high heels. To look slimmer and taller avoid baggy pieces. Opt for the items, which fit your body perfect.

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