10 fashion trends of 2014

10 fashion trends of 2014

It’s even hard to say what people will say about our today’s clothes in future. How are they going to characterize our outfits? Maybe our clothes will seem ridiculous or uncomfortable or visa verse beautiful and practical, but we can’t know it now for sure. In the seventies our counterparts even couldn’t imagine that platform shoes and suede bell bottoms, which were very popular, would be worn only as costume details nowadays. We all know that each trend begins its new life cycle after comes to the end.

2014 was the year of the distinction in the world of fashion. The collections and silhouettes split into two different camps: feminine(delicate and beautiful) and tomboy (masculine and full of practical features). Comfort of the clothes was prioritized just as beauty and eye-catching design. The red carpet gowns became more ostentatious and daring and at the same time street styles became more experimental and bright. We all lived through the past year, wore popular fashion trends and styles and now we can say about the most noticeable trends of the year. Maybe one day your grandchildren will admire our time for them. So, there are ten trends which can define the past 2014 year.

Delicate and beautiful jewelry

In 2012 we all saw the ball of big and bold arm accessories, in 2013 statement necklaces were very popular. Last year, in 2014, the jewelry became more subtle and delicate, with personal attitude. Instead of big cuffs and large rhinestones we could see beautiful and thin knuckle rings, tiny earrings and little gemstones. Those pieces were worn alone and mixed up together. Mainly they could be noticeable only at the close range and being thoroughly inspected. That’s why such accessories make the fashionistas feel themselves special in a different way.

Delicate necklace


As we have already said, the comfort was one of the main feature of the past year. Athletic clothes which we had used to wear to the gym officially became suitable to wear almost everywhere 24 hours of the day. Such clothes even replaced denim which was the most popular category of such clothes. Alexander Wang created perfect collection for H&M and his sports dresses, bras and sweatshirts helped this trend to be solidified.

Alexander Wang collection for H&M

Delicate pleats

Pleated skirts replaced popular maxi bottoms and classic pencil skirts. Such style was go-to-everywhere silhouette of the last year. The reason of such popularity is a beauty and a movement of the trend.

Delicate pleats

Various matching sets

With the help of matching separates it was very easy to look stylish and more put-together having various outfits in one, that’s why it can be called a massive trend of 2014. Almost every fashionista has such co-ords in the wardrobe. Taylor Swift likes such matching-sets as her post-gym outfits.

Taylor Swift matching set


Such wide-legged pants were popular not only in 2014. But modern culottes hit the leg just below the knee and they are not like the fold-over and stretchy yoga-pants. Last year added some glamour and chic of the full skirt to the ease and comfort of the pajama pants.


Bucket bags

This fashion accessory was one of the must-haves of the past year. Many designers from Mansur Gavriel to Saint Laurent offered different variants of the bucket bags. Non-hemmed edges and crisp cut made them practical and fashionable. Being almost always bottomless this streamline accessory catches everyone’s eyes.

Bucket bags


Long ago pearls were the favourite gems of your grandmother. In 2014 they are used almost everything from shoes and sweatshirts to the statement necklaces, ear cuffs and beautiful ring. These gems can adorn all the pieces of the modern outfit. The Dior’s collection of earrings launched this trend and made it strong. Such brands as Delfina Delettrez and Forever 21 also made the whimsical tendency of using pearls rather popular among fashionistas.

Dior pearls

Beautiful statement coats

In 2014 coats became to play a very important role in creating of the fashion wardrobe. The coats are now Instagram-worthy piece of clothes and it’s also as essential as the clothes you wear beneath. There is such a variety of them. You can see as stylish pastel toppers with fur as menswear-inspired overcoats. Once the outwear was a layer which was usually called an afterthought, but now it’s a statement jacket which can make the clod days of winter brighter and less dreary.

Bright yellow statement coat

Peplum dresses

This trend was rather popular some years, but in 2014 it reached the highest pitch. An additional shape with the help of the flounce appeared. The peplum dresses looked very pure though the shorter length appear. Such dress is perfect for the going out at night.

A black peplum dress

Crop tops

2014 can be called the year of crop tops. Hitting your waist the perfect square crop top was worn with almost everything from feminine flirty skirts to different pants.

Miranda Kerr wears a crop top

The video of the cape trend in 2014