Best and worst-dressed stars at the 2015 Golden Globes

Best and worst-dressed stars at the 2015 Golden Globes

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The red carpet of the Golden Globes is very similar to the fabulous fashion shows where you can see a huge amount of glorious gowns and incredible heels.  The Golden Globe 2015 is the event, which kicks off the season of award shows and everyone’s attention and the pressure of the moment are certainly can be called one of the most ponderable. Just at the moment when the first heels hit the red carpet of the Golden Globe, everyone knew that the award show would be very glamorous. Today we have picked up the top of the best-dressed celebrities and the top of the worst dressed.

The top of best-dressed celebrities at the Golden Globes 2015

All the stars were in a great mood and looked fabulous and very sexy. They all wanted to show their flawless figures. The gowns and outfits of the award show can be called Glam Slam – lots of sparkling sequins, fringe, silver and white colour.

Kate Hudson is an actress who likes comfort very much. On the red carpet of the Golden Globe she looked perfect, wearing a beautiful white-hot cut-out gown by Atelier Versace being adorned with Forevermark diamonds. Jimmy Choo clutch is a great finish to this sexy and pretty snug.


Kate Hudson on the Golden Globe 2015

Heidi Klum looks amazing in her red hot gown by Versace. Bare shoulders are very trendy this season and this long one-shouldered dress with a beautiful train together with retro waves create a sizzling and cohesive ensemble.

Heidi Klum on the Golden Globe 2015

Lupita Nyong’o has dazzled everybody again. Last year the actress was areal fashion “it” girl. Her creative looks were very popular, the ideas were copied by fashionistas. This year she has worn a beautiful bold floral gown by Giambattista Valli  couture  adding Diamond and amethyst sparkles by Chopard.

Lupita Nyongo on the Golden Globe 2015

Julianne Moore looks fabulous in the metallic Givenchy haute couture gown. A bunch of feathers at the bottom and Chopard jewels add glamour to her glittering platinum look, which leave nobody disappointed.

Julianne Moore on the Golden Globe 2015

Reese Witherspoon is known for her sweet and cute dresses, but this time she has worn an elegant and sophisticated dress, which looks totally different. This style transformation helps her to enter our top.

Reese Witherspoon on the Golden Globe 2015

Sienna Miller is so Sienna Miller. Her sexy gown by Miu Miu with a deep neckline and lots of embellishments works good. Not many stars can even think of wearing such an outfit but Sienna looks amazing. Tiffany & Co jewelry finishes the look.

Sienna Miller on the Golden Globe 2015

Emma Stone has worn a gorgeous jumpsuit by Lanvin instead of a beautiful but traditional gown. Oversized big bow on the back and a bejeweled top are perfect for such an occasion. High heels by Christian Louboutin finish this beautiful look.

Emma Stone on the Golden Globe 2015

Naomi Watts wore an adorable yellow dress of the column silhouette by Gucci. It made her figure look very lean and tall. A beautiful belt and a ruched bodice look wonderful. A statement necklace is a great finish of the look.

Naomi Watts on the Golden Globe 2015

Diane Kruger is a favourite model of many fashion designers. Her dress on the red carpet of the Golden Globes is very charming. It’s rather simple with a bit of glittering. Sleek silhouette makes the gown stylish and beautiful.

Diane Kruger on the Golden Globe 2015

Camilla Alves looked perfect in the delicate strapless satin gown by Monique Lhuillier. The soft colour of the dress is so pretty that this look can be one of the best.

Camila Alves on the Golden Globe 2015

The top of the worst-dressed celebrities at the Golden Globes 2015

Stars make their best to look marvelous on the red carpet. But sometimes their outfits don’t effect so much. Here we have chosen several celebrities styles, which are not suitable for this occasion or they don’t fit perfect. Sometimes, the outfits looked like the costumes which are more suitable for the Halloween parties than for the red carpet. Of course, it’s only in our opinion. You can make your own top.

Lana Del Rey wore a pleated, slinky halter gown and looked like a Little Mermaid. Such turquoise vintage dress can be called a real eye sore. The look wasn’t good at all.

Lana del Rey on the Golden Globes

Kerry Washington was dressed in a purple and pink gown by Mary Katrantzou. It looked like a barbie’s dress and was not her best. The length of the gown is rather strange and awkward. The decision to pair the gown with two-tone shoes can’t be called perfect. Perhaps, one colour would be better.

Kerry Washington on the Golden Globes

Katie Cassidy’s black and silver gown by Mikael D is very hot but it shows too much bare skin and can’t be worn to such an occasion.

Katie Cassidy on the Golden Globes

There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez has a perfect body and she shouldn’t wear such dresses. It is very tired and flashy. We hope her next gowns will be more sophisticated.

Jennifer Lopez on the Golden Globes

Tina Fey wore an odd dress by Antonio Berardi in the shape of tulip. It’s rather strange, like a wrong bridal gown, and can’t be paired with such heavy dark shoes. This fashion combination is very disappointing.

Tina Fey on the Golden Globes

The hottest guys at the Golden Globes

Handsome celebrities looked perfect in their classics. Different suits, jackets, tuxedos and ties made the evening. The Golden Globes is the show where different personalities are mixed and the result is awesome. Let’s see the most stylish combinations, in our mind.

Benedict Cumberbatch wore a classic navy tuxedo. It was impeccably tailored and fitted Benedict perfect. A slim tuxedo shirt, a black bowtie and a navy tuxedo is a new and stylish combination.

Benedict Cumberbatch on the Golden Globes

Matt Bomer looks modern and fresh in the tuxedo by Ralph Lauren. His perfect sophisticated look can be called the best of the night. Every detail is in its place: an amazing collar and a perfect angular bowtie.

Matt Bomer on the Golden Globes

Alan Cumming wore a wonderful suit by Calvin Klein’s collection for spring and summer 2015. The colour of the suit matches the skin tone and its shade is very fashionable this season. Playful way of wearing looks great. Alan combined the suit with high tops Louboutin and made the night.

Alan Cumming on the Golden Globes

Eddie Redmayne wore a Gucci velvet jacket and looked super dandy on the red carpet. Tailored and slim suit looked awesome. It’s the next level of wearing a tuxedo.

Eddie Redmayne on the Golden Globes

Adrian Brody wore his black-on-black, which fitted him perfect like a leather glove. He is also one of the most stylish men of the red carpet.

Adrian Brody on the Golden Globes

We have showed the most noticeable outfits of the amazing occasion. We have determined good and odd looks which catch the attention of the people from the whole world. As you see not only women were beautiful on the red carpet of the Golden Globes. The men with their tailored outfits were also very stylish and effective. You can create your own top and our tastes can differ, but the idea is to show fashion tendencies and trends. Here you can see different looks, which are also great.

The video of the celebrities outfits at the Golden Globe Awards 2015