Denim garments

Five men’s fashion trends in spring and summer 2015

Hello, everyone! Do you want to know something new from the world of fashion? We hope so.

Today we want to tell you some words about new trends in menswear. 2014 was the year of great changes in menswear fashion. Bright orange outwear and various combinations of traditional clothes with athletic pieces made the men think different. Now, when we closed the door on 2014, and everyone is eager to start a new season of fashion experiments, we want to determine the five main key trends of fashion menswear for spring and summer 2015.

Stripes are almost everywhere

This trend is going to be one of the most popular in 2015. It can be met both in casual and formal pieces of wardrobe. There is a great variety of menswear where the stripes will be applied. The main difference of this print is the proliferation of it everywhere. You can meet stripes as on formal trousers and smart shirts, classic corporate garments as on various accessories and jumpers. Fashion designers from Jonathan Saunders and Gucci to Emporio Armani and Casely-Hayford use this statement print in their collections for this season. Kenzo created new pieces of clothes using stripes as optical illusions, while Saint Laurent has made them looking like rock star sequins.

Marc Jacobs' collection for spring and summer 2015

To make this timeless pattern more modern think about thick stripes in various blocks or bold coloured prints. Add striped tailoring to your wardrobe – it can be smart trousers or tailored shorts pairing with comfortable knitwear.

To create a practical look, pair your Breton tee with casual chino shorts and comfortable loafers or combine pinstripe trousers, a white shirt and two-button blazer to make the look evening-appropriate.

Dolce and Gabbana collection for spring and summer 2015

Before using stripes in the wardrobe, remember about the effects, which the stripes can produce on your body shape and the overall size.  Horizontal stripes can make you look wider while vertical ones can give the illusion of additional height and length. So, if you are squat and not very tall, avoid horizontal stripes, which tend to break the vertical silhouette.

Double denim is always on top

Denim clothes are very comfortable and versatile. Every designer from Gucci to Tom Ford has used them in their spring and summer collections. Denim can be the base of a great variety of looks. They can be  refined or casual but always trendy and stylish. If you want to meet with your friends – just combine your favourite pair of jeans with a fitted T-shirt and finish the look with stylish trainers. Denim jacket will look great in the combination with Oxford shirt, stylish jumper, trousers and trendy loafers. If you think that it’s rather dull and not modern, try to make your denim look doubling or tripling up. You can be inspired by the spring 2015 collection of Tom Ford where he combined jeans, a denim shirt and amazing navy blazer. Add some leather or suede boots and some accessories. Such stylish combination will look perfect this spring.

Denim garments

Red is the colour of spring and summer 2015

Bold and vibrant red will be met almost everywhere this spring. This colour makes the blood pumping.   Dolce & Gabbana offers a large variety of sportswear-inspired and tailored separates in all the shades of red from bright to deep blood. This colour is rather strong, it can a statement element of the whole look. It is used both in smart and casual wardrobes. How to combine it? It can be one bright detail. Opt for a simple T-shirt or trendy cherry chino shorts. Pair them with neutral pieces to make your look stylish.

Collection by Richard Nicoll for Spring and summer 2015

If you are not afraid of this colour and like to make experiments, try combining a red suit with a white shirt and black footwear. You will catch everyone’s eyes on you. Such outlook is gorgeous and can be worn to any evening event. Just try and you’ll see how the red colour can work.

Pirosmani by Jenya Malygina spring and summer 2015

Floral prints should be present in the wardrobe of any contemporary man

Florals have been popular for a couple of past years. In spring and summer 2015 this print is on top again. Many designers and different fashion houses use florals in their collections creating new and unique patterns. Hype, Givenchy and other brands offer the patterns, which can fit your personal style and make you look perfect creating different combinations.

Collection by Marni for sping and summer 2015

Topman design and A.Sauvage offer wonderful flowery motifs inspired by African landscapes, which can be applied to various sportswear, bomber jackets, shorts, t-shirts and even trainers. In order to incorporate floral print into your spring and summer wardrobe, pay attention to other pieces of your look. To make the floral print framed, choose neutral colours which grab much less attention.  For the daytime opt for the shirts and tees with flower prints pairing with neutral beige pants or shorts and for the summer evenings you can try floral trousers together with white tee or sleeveless shirt and light loafers.

Nuno Gama spring and summer 2015

Blue and green shades can be combined together

Someone said that blue and green shouldn’t be together but this is the year when everything changes. Gieves & Hawkes, Baartmans & Siegel, Pringle of Scotland, Hackett and other fashion brands combined green and blue colours creating their marvelous collections. For example, Gieves & Hawkes offers to combine delicate light green parka with navy chinos and a jumper of the same colour. Hackett adds to this blue and green combination pale pink and white. Remember that these two colours (we mean blue and green) are rather capricious and dark colours like black or brown won’t work with them. So, think about light shades to make them look perfect together.

Gieves & Hawkes collection for spring and summer 2015

As you see, all the new trends of this season can make you look different at any situation. Now it’s high time to search for new pieces of wardrobe and to create your spring and summer looks.

The video of menswear fashion show by Saint Laurent for Spring and summer 2015