John Galliano’s debut collection for Maison Martin Margiela

John Galliano’s debut collection for Maison Martin Margiela

John Galliano, a 54-year old designer, is known for his creations full of flamboyantly theatrical details. But it’s been for four years since he was infamous fired from Dior. The fashionistas were thinking about the continuation of his career and hoping to his return to the world of fashion.  And finally he has returned with an impressive show.

Galliano was departed from Dior for his anti-Semitic comments, which he made in Paris in 2011

A collection by John Galliano

John Galliano’s come back with a new collection

In October 2014 Galliano became a creative director of Maison Martin Margiela and in the beginning of 2015 he debuted with his haute couture collection for Artisanal in London. The collection consisted of 24 looks and only 100 people were invited to see the intimate catwalk show. It can be considered, for sure, as one of the most significant fashion moments of 2015. Suzy Menkes has described the collection as a beautiful show, which combines wonderful and wild elements. It’s the beginning of a new story of Margiela.  It’s a brilliant mix of two different worlds: deconstruction and creating a new space. Some people think that this collection is the returning to the roots of Margiela.

John Galliano artisinal collection

What can we see? The runway show is the spectacle with the elements of grotesque. Denim shorts, incredible platform shoes and fabulous dresses were mixed with chiffon gowns, trousers and accomplished detailing. Red gowns and black suits looked perfect. Extravagant masks with pearls and glittering detritus in the final outfits also showed that the designer didn’t miss a beat. Galliano again proved his mastery.  And everyone can say that he is back.

The video of John Galliano’s debut collection for Maison Martin Margiela