Pantone colours for Fall 2015

10 colours for Fall 2015 by Pantone

The Pantone Colour Institute has released ten main key colours for the next season. Yeah, we say about Fall 2015. From earthy and natural hues to bohemian garden tones – they all remind us about 70s. The announcement of trending shades is always a great moment for fashion lovers.Today we will tell you about them and you’ll have a chance to choose pieces you prefer.

Leatrice Eiseman, an executive director of Pantone has explained the choice of the colours. She has said that in the seventies there was a real interest among people in the protection of nature. Also she has remarked that the colour palette is truly unisex and can be applied both to men’s and women’s wardrobe.

So, let see the trendiest colours of the year.


This rich winey-red hue is called the colour of 2015. It brings cool warmth into the wardrobe. Marsala is a perfect colour for creating “go-to” beauty looks and outfits. Pantone 18-1438 red-brown roots remind about a sophisticated earthiness.

Cadmium OrangeCadmium -Orange

Pantone 15-1340 is the colour of fun and optimism. It is very playful and warm, delicate and sophisticated. Cadmium Orange can be a bold contrasting shade or even stand-alone.

Desert Sage

This neutral grey shade is perfect. Pantone 16-0110 is inspired with natural timeless changes and make us to be real. Desert Sage is rather delicate and unostentatious though you can use it on its own and the will be great.

Stormy Weather

Pantone 18-4214 looks strong, cool and constant. This blue-grey shade reminds us about grey sky on a nasty day. It speaks about luxury and quality.

Oak Buff

This warm and comfortable shade reminds us about the happiness and joy, it is full of hope and good news. Pantone 16-1144 is the sunny colour which can bring good feelings and merriness. Oak Buff is the golden-yellow shade which is inspired with nature and reminiscent of beautiful fall leaves.

Biscay Bay

It is a deep and elegant teal, which adds a cool touch to this season colour palette. Pantone 18-4726 reminds us about pleasant things and is inspired by tropical waters and soothing places. Biscay Bay combines various aspects of blue and green and can be a base of a luxurious delicate outfit.

Cashmere Rose

This soft pink is very gentle and tactile. Pantone 16-2215 is a rather rich shade which is inspired by 60s and looks wonderful nowadays. This composed pink shade can create a great ensemble with other hues.

Dried Herb

This olive-green hue is a sort of khaki-green. It reminds us about military or safari. Pantone 17-0627 is very earthy and close to nature. Dried herb can be perceived as chic and full of various nature fragrances. The shade is very sophisticated and powerful.

Amethyst Orchid

This shade is pretty purple, people call it the jewel in the crown. Pantone 17-3628 is very sensual, intriguing, unique and enigmatic.

Reflecting pond

Pantone 19-4326 is thoughtful and contemplative, it is very dark, almost black. Reflecting Pond can be determined as serious deep blue, it embodies security and stability.

Fall 2015 is going to be diversified. The season’s colours vary from Marsala, the colour of the year to cool and serious Reflecting Pond. Fashion designers use these colours in their collections paying attention to different combinations. Plan your outfits using these top ten shades and be beautiful.

The video tips how to wear the colour of 2015 – Marsala