Tote bags and their variations

Do you like totes?

We all know that the fashion trends are rather changeable. New looks appear and old favourites often return. But basic pieces often remain without major alterations. It concerns different clothes and even accessories.  Today we want to speak about one of the most popular bag – a tote. Every fashionista has such a comfortable accessory. If you are running from the early morning sports class to the office and then to different events and appointments over the town, the tote is the only bag, which can keep your things together. Besides, it looks pretty and can be perfectly involved into your wardrobe.

History of the handbags appearing

Now we can’t even imagine our life without so loved handbags. But till the 19th century there was no necessity to have them and women could not even imagine such an accessory. In 1841 Samuel Parkinson ordered H.J.Cave a set of small luggage for his wife. Certainly, there were mostly various trucks and suitcases, but a little handbag was also included. That was the first handbag, which now has lots of varieties. And only in the early 19th century designers and fashion houses drew attention to his accessory and began creating incredible handbags made of luxurious leather. Émile-Maurice Hermès was the first designers who made the bags popular after creating his first collection of handbags with zippers in 1922. In 1032 Louis Vuitton offered trendy bucket bags, which firstly were used to carry different bottles but then turned into a fashion accessory. Totes were first used in the beginning of the 20th century for carrying things, because they were rather light and convenient. Only in the 50s they turned into a fashion statement.

Hermes handbags

Tote bags and their variations

Spaciousness is one of the main feature of the modern multi-use bags. Women use totes almost everywhere – for travelling, work and shopping. It depends only on the certain needs and lifestyle. They are very practical and at the same time designers create new cool and beautiful versions of these handbags. There are many variations of this comfortable bag. It can be used almost everywhere when you should carry your things and look beautiful. We will tell about the most popular types of totes and you can determine others.

A blue tote by Kate Spade

Canvas totes

The first types of tote bags, which made the whole brand trendy and popular were canvas totes. They are very durable, though they might not look very stylish. Such totes are usually rectangular in form and come in various sizes and colours. Sometimes funny and cute pictures can be applied onto the bag to raise the mood.The straps can also be long or short. But don’t wait the canvas totes to be glamorous and glossy -sturdy cotton is rather casual.

Canvas tote with a very hungry caterpillar

Beach tote bags

When you are going to the beach and preparing all the essentials, you’ll understand that a beach tote is the thing you need most of all. These totes can be made of plastic, straw, nylon and other durable materials. They are always bright and can resist heat and moisture both. Beach tote bags are usually made without any buttons or zippers and can hold lots of things. They are not expensive, so you can choose different sizes and colours to look stylish on the beach.

A beach tote bag

Totes made of leather

Leather totes are very chic and rather expensive. They are made of suede or full-grain leather, smooth and pebble variants. Totes can be of different shades from the brightest pink to the lightest blue, cream and grey. As for the shape, modern totes can be found in different ones from rectangular to triangular and even v-shaped. Designers and fashion houses every season create new stylish variants of this type of handbags.

Oversized leather tote

Mini tote bags

These totes are very popular now. They are very cute and tiny. Mini totes still remain rather spacious to carry things and at the same time they are not big at all. Mini tote bags look stylish and elegant, they can be of different variants. You can found mini totes made of leather, canvas and other materials, with long or short handles.

A blue mini tote bag

Trendy totes for spring 2015

Certainly, this season totes are must-haves again. Look for trendy prints and patterns, bright colours and metallic flash applying to the traditional forms to be on-trend. Search for the collections by Diane von Furstwnberg, J.Crew, Donna Karan, Emporio Armani, Vivienne Westwood, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith.  

The video of different types of canvas tote bags