Freja Beha Erichsen tattoos

Famous runway models with ink tattoos

Times when tattoos could ruin a model’s career is over. Almost every runway model has at least one tattoo. It even becomes their distinctive features. The really talented model can use every part of her body or a skin for the benefit of her. Let’s have a look at several fashion queens of runways.


Famous model Kate Moss has some tattoos on her beautiful body. There are an anchor on her wrist, although a sun and moon on her foot (on opposite side). The most famous and expensive tattoo of Kate is two swallows on her lower back. It was made by Lucian Freud. For the model it costs a few millions.


This Danish model has 16 tattoos. Mostly it’s bits of writing: “serendipity is life” (on the back of her upper right arm), “float” (on the side of her neck), “this too shall pass” (on the inside of the right arm), “this world tonight is mine” (on right wrist), “Redemption” (on forearm). Although it’s star (under the arm), a revolver (inside of the upper left arm), three circles (wrist). Model says in one of her interviews that she hooked on getting tattoos.

Freja Beha Erichsen tattoos

Freja Beha Erichsen tattoos


Model from Brazil. She modeled for Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, Valentino and many others. Her tattoos consists of rose in thorns, which wrapped around her left ankle. The name of her son Zion with two wings on her back, ladybug tattoo on her right elbow, the zodiac symbol for Cancer on her right wrist, a pair of red hearts tattooed on the inside of her right wrist. A butterfly tattooed on her butt cheek and.


The talented model, came from Australia. She has a lot of tattoos: the word “truth” inside of lip, feather on back of neck, the name of her sister on right wrist, an owl tattoo on middle finger, Gemini symbol on ankle and peace sign on palm. Red Heart inside square behind right ear and green stars behind left ear. Although she has two white tattoos on her stomach: they are invisible so Abbey can still model.


This model has 5 tattoos, but every of them was made by one artist. The first is a lion on finger (right arm). The second one is her initials CJD on the side of right palm. Another one is a bit of writing “made in England” on her sole. The scabby little dove on her finger. And “DD”-tattoo, which she matches with Jourdan Dunn’s “DD”.

Cara Delevingne's lion

Cara Delevingne’s lion


This pretty girl has four tattoos. One of them is phrase “you owe it to yourself, set the world on fire” on the inside of her right arm. The next one is an Egyptian goddess Isis on her upper back. Pocahontas tribal tattoo made on her finger, just like Rihanna’s one. And there is her “DD”.


This name is popular in fashion industry. She was one of the angels at Victoria Secret’s Show too. This woman has two little tattoos. Little moon with stars is on her ankle. And her famous star on the wrist: she decided to make it in one of the clouded nights when she couldn’t find her star in the sky. Now her star is always with her. This tattoo made an advertising of Ipanema sandals, where a lot of inks on the Gisele’s body begun from her wrist-tattoo.