“Victorian Cholas” by Riccardo Tisci

“Victorian Cholas” by Riccardo Tisci

This year ready-to-wear Paris fashion week has been very productive and interesting. Unusual ideas, mixtures and prints have had success among fashionistas. To see a new collection for the Fall/Winter 2015/2015  by Riccardo Tisci, a creative director of Givenchy, lots of famous people like Katy Perry, Jessica Chastain, Kanye West, Amanda Seyfried and Kim Kardashian have come.  And this show has been really the scene stealer. Do you want to know why Riccardo Tisci’s runway can be called one of the most neck-craning?

“Cholas” in the collection for the Fall 2015 by Riccardo Tisci

Riccardo Tisci called the collection for the Fall 2015 “Victorian Cholas”. He combined various tendencies of Latin street culture with dark gothic aesthetic. Fashion show in Paris was very provocative. Baby curls slicked on the forehead and braids are often associated with Latina subcultures. They made the “chola” element of the collection more obvious.  Models’ faces were covered with different glued-on gems, which sometimes looked like big face tattoos from afar. The oversized faux facial piercings attracted everyone’s attention. Nose rings on each nostrils and big gems on the cheeks look strange and unusual. By the way, if you are rather brave and ready for the experiments, you can buy some of them. Tisci indicated that these faux facial piercings would be offered for sale.

Paris Gyvenchy 2015

Victorian elements in Givenchy

As we see, the accessories, the hairs and make-up are all about Latina, but the collection of clothes itself tends to the Victorian side. Dark fabrics, velvet dresses and rich coats with Victorian prints remind about the dark sides of Victoriana. Some details like the embroidery of Catholic cross on the dresses, stitches on the bodice, peplumed and corseted jackets with sheer inserts are rather familiar to all the lovers of Givenchy. But this time everything is taken to the next level. The colours and the silhouettes are more intensive than ever before. Final looks have been adorned with embroidery and the beaded jackets and gowns show Tisci as a marvelous tailor, not only as a designer. Soon you’ll see these magnificent dresses on the red carpets.

What about stylists and fashion bloggers? What do they say about this collection? Some people think that everything is great and fresh, others call it the humdrum and

Bad taste. And what about you? Do you like the gems on the face, dark colours and traditional silhouettes and embroidery?

The video of Givenchy Fashion Show for the Fall and Winter 2015/2016