Charlie 1 Horse hat

What about Charlie One Horse Hats?

Do you like individuality and originality? I’m sure you do. And about western style? It’s very popular now and can give zest to your wardrobe. Today we’ll speak about a legendary brand, which creates cowboy hats for men and women with panache and great pride. Yeah, I speak about Charlie 1 Horse. Every hat style of this company is handmade in America and displays the owner’s personality. Let’s know a little more about this brand and this style.

Is cowboy hat a must-have gear?

There are certain status symbols like Reeboks, Armani and expensive cars for modern yuppies. But nowadays boots, jeans and trucks have made a cowboy hat the gotta-have piece for fashion lovers. Charlie 1 Horse Hats is a unique brand, which creates fashion custom-made western hats, with the firebranded C-1 logo applied, for a huge variety of people. They offer straw and felt styles of fedoras, old and unique west hats for both men and women. You can find in the catalogue the hat you have dreamt about.  If not, you can order it. Charlie one Horse hats can be found almost everywhere – in the pages of Playboy, Vogue, Elle, special magazines for Indians and Cowboys, in different TV and fashion shows. Richard Petty, Kid Rock, Eddie Montgomery, Eddy Raven, Tracy Lawrence, Gretchen Wilson, Hank Williams are well-known people who are fond of this brand and wear these styles.

Charlie 1 Horse beautiful hat

Charlie 1 Horse creates unique hats for men and women

The brand began its existence in the seventies and now it makes almost 400 wonderful cowboy hats every day. They have a catalogue for about 20 pages for retailers, which shows various hats from basic ones to the fashion dress-style adorned with ermine tails, rattlesnake heads and diamonds. The designers have researched many old photographs of the 1800s to make their hats authentic. The price varies from the basic $50 cowboy hats to the expensive pieces. For sure, such style is not for the faint-hearted.  In the catalogue you can find various hats of Old West style, which can be completed with trail dust, sweatstains and even bullet holes. There are 18 various brims and 25 crown shapes in the catalogue. When the hat is done, designers applied ornamentation. For women Charlie 1 Horse Hats designers create stylish and fabulous variants.

Charlie 1 Horse straw hat

There is the Charlie 1 Horse Limited Edition hat, which is created with beaver and adorned with a gold rope band of 14 karat, a small piece of gold from the early 1800s. The C-1 logo for this cowboy hat is made of gold and silver diamonds. If you want, you can buy it. Why not? It costs something about $3,500.

Limited edition cowboy hats

The process of the hat-building is not very easy, the company can offer beautiful cowboy hats especially for you. Charlie 1 Horse uses 20 kinds of exotic birds and kinds of snakes in their hats. The designers of the brand can use everything you want from golden and silver pheasants to guinea hens. Every year from 500 to 600 feathers are used to adorn the cowboy hats and to make them unique. Everything in Charlie 1 Horse hat is real – bones, skulls (of the little animals like rabbits, minks and muskrats) and beautiful feathers. Nothing is produced anywhere. How can it be? It’s not difficult – the bones are supplied by the taxidermists and the feathers are by the farmers. Certainly, they are sanitized and bleached before coming to the factory. That’s why any cowboy hat is unique and handmade with pride.

Charlie 1 Horse hat company ships the hats to many counties around the world and when you see the cowboy hats with the firebranded C-1 logo you will know this brand for sure. For summertime choose straw hats, for colder months felt variants will fit better. Choose what you prefer, add suitable accessories and be beautiful.

The video of Richard Petty visiting Charlie 1 Horse Hats factory