Girl with straw hat in hand

A straw hat. How to style it?

Hats are must-have accessories, which look stylish and take us through all the seasons. An awesome summer hat is a lot of things. It is a wonderful protection from hot sunrays, it can help us cover up a bad hair day and it’s an accessory that makes any outfit accomplished. Straw hats are perfect for summer days. They look stylish and modern and add a boho touch to any look. These trendy hats come in a range of styles, colours and shapes, and everyone can find what he likes. So, what straw-hat styles are on top this season? How to choose the right variant? How to create a stylish look wearing a straw hat? You will know the answers after having read our blog.

Plentiful options

Straw hats are very popular in summer. They have been dominated street style at all the fashion show runways. Bloggers and it-girls think this is the trendiest accessory of the year. It can be a stylish sun shield during a long road trip or if you’re planning to spend a whole day at the beach or walk about the city. This boho-inspired summer hat is perfect for meeting with friends or having dinner in the café. It creates a festival-appropriate look in combination with feminine boho-inspired pieces.

Two girls in hats in the style boho

Boho-inspired straw hats

There are so many styles of straw hats. The most popular are wide-brim silhouettes, traditional Panama hats, “cloches” and boater styles.

Wide-brimmed straw hats are perfect for spending time on the beach. Also it can go as a sophisticated citywear with a great number of summer outfits.

Two women in wide-brimmed hats

Wide-brimmed straw hats are very feminine

Cloches and boaters look very playful when pairing with light feminine sundresses.

Three girls in stylish hats

Cloches and boaters look stylish

A classic Panama is the easiest way for creating stunning summer outfits and topping the look. It can be of various colours. Try straw hats in hunter green, deep red and olive.

Three girls in straw hats

Straw hats in combination with playful dresses

Stylish tips how to wear straw hats in summer

  1. Think about the right fit of the summer hat. There is a big range of sizes and only trying the hats on can show you if your choice is right. Too big hat can fly off the head when the weather is windy. A tight hat will not be very comfortable.
  2. Hair length and hair cut can be the helpers when choosing straw hats. Close-fitting cloches look perfect with short hair and wide-brimmed hats are wonderful for long hair styles. Certainly, the choice of summer hats depends on your individual style, there is such a big variety of them.
  3. The look of the outfit often depends on tilting the hat. Wear fedora hats just low over the eyebrows to create a stylish look. Short-brimmed hats and trilbies are perfect for wearing tilted back. If you don’t know how to tilt your hat, make experiments and play around with various angles.
Three girls in stylish hats

A straw hat with bright bands create a modern look

To look stylish, make sure the style of your straw hat complements your outfit. If you want to create a ladylike silhouette, think about a cloche hat. Trendy seventies will look perfect with a wide-brimmed one.

A straw hat is a wonderful summer essential. Just choose your perfect style and try different style variations. A hat size, a colour and a tilt can help you in creating the most stunning look, so make interesting combinations. Don’t be afraid of experiments and be beautiful.