Asymmetrical hem is the trend of spring 2015

Are you ready for the upcoming season? Today let’s speak about such wonderful trend as the asymmetrical hems of the dresses and the skirts. Yeah, it will be on top again. Now the asymmetrical hem looks much sexier than ever. We can see the variety of playful hems – super-short and sassy, diagonally sliced or cascading over the knees. Almost all the brand stores offer you beautiful skirts with asymmetrical hems. Long skirts with high slits which show more leg can be perfect for a night out. The biggest statement of the next season is the idea to look sexy without trying too hard.

Wonderful skirts can be made in all lengths in sturdy fabrics or diaphanous chiffons, with various subtle designs or with bold prints. You can choose what you prefer and what is better for your figure shape and for your style.

Asymmetrical hem create a plyful and sexy statement.

Certainly, you want to look sexy and breezy. And if you are sure that the asymmetrical game is yours, follow our pieces of advice to create a stylish outfit and to look chic and refined.


  • 1 Breezy and relaxed silhouettes
  • 2 Create an edgy look
  • 3 Sporty style and asymmetrical hem
  • 4 Sex-appeal of the asymmetrical hems
  • 5 Glamour and asymmetrical hem
  • 6 Stylish little white dress
  • 7 The video of the full show by Hermes  for Spring and Summer 2015 in Paris

Breezy and relaxed silhouettes

During the daytime, everyone wants to keep everything effortless, using wonderful weightless fabrics, pastel colours and easy breezy silhouettes. Relaxed shapes make the asymmetrical hems look perfect. To create easy and breezy silhouette, pay attention to such details:

To create a day appropriate outfit let your asymmetrical hem fall around the knee (if it starts on your hips). In this case  you will look chic and stylish. Add some playful details like some subtle prints, textured waves, high ankle-strap heels and button0down blouses. Rebecca Minkoff has offered such a combination.

Stella McCartney has created fluid dresses with voluminuous asymmetrical hems to refresh her collectin.

If you like dresses, follow Stella McCartney’s advice. Asymmetrical hem looks amazing in the parachute silhouettes. Pair such dresses with flats and create low buns with your hair.

A white dress with asymmetrical hem by Richard Chai

Create an edgy look

In order to achieve a cool and distinct edge, search for the masculine-inspired leather cuts and lines. Black colour also will look great. A black tiny diagonally-sliced miniskirts can be perfectly paired with leather jackets and trendy sweatshirts with different logos. Such combination is rather universal and can be worn day and night. Anthony Vaccarello has used this method creating his collection.

Another variant is to wear a feminine lightweight dress with an asymmetrical hem together with masculine-inspired tailored blazer. Such tough look has been met in the collection by Marissa Webb.

Sporty style and asymmetrical hem

Everyone knows that going sporty is very popular now. Sport-luxe pieces and tones leave nobody indifferent to this style. Skirts with asymmetrical hem are perfectly combine with the sporty pieces. This time we see the sex appeal of the trend. Try combining different styles, but don’t forget that only one trend should dominate.For instance, take wonderful Lacoste’s sporty dress with an asymmetrical hem, and pair it with high heels and minimum make-up. Paco Rabanne offers the mixtures which consists of a sporty sheer top over a stylish bandeau and a n amazing asymmetrical skirt. The combination of this styles is very sexy and delightfully chic.

Sporty dress by Lacoste for spring and summer 2015

Sex-appeal of the asymmetrical hems

Certainly, such style is sexy by default. Such skirts highlight legs and show enough skin to attract the attention and, at the same time, the hems hide most of the body. Remember that asymmetrical hems are better for the night time or after the sunset. Think about looking glamorous choosing the rest of the outfit – opt for dark hues, delicate cut-outs and sleek silhouettes. Keep the style to the minimum not to make your look too revealing. Add statement heels and red lips.

Outfit by Michelle Ochs

Glamour and asymmetrical hem

If to speak about the evening-wear wardrobe, you are on the right way. Pretty short and floor-length pieces look great. You can refresh them with beautiful graphic accents, some colour hints and stylish pumps. Bold lips will be a great addition to the whole look.

Soft pastels and delicate asymmetry is appropriate for going to the restaurant or meeting with friends. A simple hairstyle and minimal makeup look will look amazing. The silhouette will look gorgeous with pretty heels or matching cute flats.

Stylish little white dress

Spring is the wonderful time when everything awakens and everyone wants to wear something delicate and lightweight. A white dress with an asymmetrical hem will be a perfect choice for the fashionistas, who want to add some sensual details to the wardrobe. Basic pieces are perfect for the daytime. Search for a white shirt-dress with an uneven hem, belt the waistline and add a colourful pair of stylish heels if you want to wear it during the daytime. For the evening opt for fit-and-flare silhouettes with one-shoulder straps and high heels.

Spring 2015 is featured with different cuts, shades and silhouettes. The asymmetrical hem is one of the most fashionable and stylish trends of the season. Build many different outfits paying attention to different combinations and your own preferences.

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