Swimwear trends 2014

When summer comes we all want to go to the beach. And certainly one of the most important decision is the choice of the swimwear you want to where. Swimwear trends can’t move such way like other fashion trends. It happens because it’s difficult to invent something new, just bikini and monokini. Certainly designers have to find the balance between the sex appeal, beauty and the functionality. And it limits their actions. But other fashion trends influence the swimwear trends very much.

Vintage inspired swimwear

So what to wear in summer 2014? What swimwear trends will be popular? There are some fashion tendencies for the upcoming season.


  • 1 Vintage-inspired swimwear
  • 2 Mismatched bikini bottoms and tops
  • 3 Swimwear with digital prints
  • 4 Feminine frills swimming suit
  • 5 Cut-away swimwear
  • 6 Swimwear inspired by 90s
  • 7 Sporty- chic swimming suits

Vintage-inspired swimwear

In 2014 the pin-ups style is very popular. It comes from the era of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Jayne Mansfield.

The modern Vintage-inspired swimsuit has high waisted bikini bottoms; also it has various vintage prints and cuts. It’s such a bombshell. But of course modern tendencies and colours also influence the choosing of swimming suit. What features should you pay attention to?

  • High-waist bikini
  • Vintage prints like psychedelic, kaleidoscopic and geometric can be met in modern cuts
  • Full-cupped tops of the swimwear
  • Monokinis with sweetheart neckline, cinched-in waists and even little cute pockets
  • Urbane cuts and accents

Mismatched bikini bottoms and tops

Difference in colours and prints can help you in creating an interesting look. Wearing mismatched tops and bottoms is a great way to make various outfits with different parts of bikinis. Some tips and tricks to look stylish:

  • If you are not ready for all-out clashes, look for a black bikini and pair it with different tops pf bright colours and modern prints. You will look trendy.
  • Choose interesting pieces and mix them you like. You can pick any of the most popular: floral, animal prints, geometrical or digital prints.

Swimwear with digital prints

These prints are very popular in spring and summer 2014. They are almost everywhere. Digital prints can be very different: from animal prints and florals to cityscapes and abstractions. There are no strict rules. you can choose any digital print you like.

Feminine frills swimming suit

Frills are very beautiful and delicate. They can add a soft and dainty vibe and volume where you need to make your body shape more flattering. Look for pastels, whites and little prints when choosing such a beautiful swimwear.

Cut-away swimwear

According to the runways for 2014 and 2015 cut-away one pieces silhouettes are on top now. This gorgeous style of swimming suits is rather unexpected and sexy. Various cuts and shapes can make a luxe and modern look. Look for monochrome tones and vibrant prints.

Swimwear inspired by 90s

Do you remember bright neon colours, sheer mesh and high cut pieces of the late ’80s and early ’90s? In summer 2014 this style has returned courtesy to many designers and brands like Neon and Minimale Animale. So you can try to add some sex-appeal of 90s to your wardrobe.

Sporty- chic swimming suits

Another trend of this season is various kinds of swimwear that have a sporty-chic tendencies. They are featured with sleek silhouettes, bright colours and modern trendy cuts. They should be very sexy and sporty.

You can wear any swimwear you like. This season offers lots of various styles, shades and prints. You can mix them up if you want. When choosing the best swimwear remember about your figure shapes and find the pieces to fit you perfect. Keep in mind summer mood, trendy tendencies, bright colours and have a great time wearing these swimming suits.



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