Girl with straw hat in hand

A straw hat. How to style it?

Hats are must-have accessories, which look stylish and take us through all the seasons. An awesome summer hat is a lot of things. It is a wonderful protection from hot sunrays, it can help us cover up a bad hair day and it’s an accessory that makes any outfit accomplished. Straw hats are perfect for summer days. They look stylish and modern and add a boho touch to any look. These trendy hats come in a range of styles, colours and shapes, and everyone can find what he likes. So, what straw-hat styles are on top this season? How to choose the right variant? How to create a stylish look wearing a straw hat? You will know the answers after having read our blog. Continue reading

Flash tattoos in summer 2015

Flash tattoo is a hot trend of this summer

Fashion is rather cyclic and sometimes it can even seem that we will have nothing new anymore. New trends come from the past just with little changes. But this time you’ll see something interesting and unique. Yeah, I speak about the flash tattoos. How do they look like? Are they temporary? Which situation can you apply the flash tattoos? There are so many questions everyone wants to know. Continue reading

Bandanna is a trend of the summer 2015

How to accessorize your summer wardrobe?

It’s so easy to create interesting outfits in autumn and winter. You can add a bright scarf or a wonderful layer, various hats and gloves – there are so many opportunities. In summer, creating outfits, we often want to add some extras to look and feel perfect. A simple combination consisting of a t-shirt and trendy shorts often looks like it’s missing an important part. So, we will tell you some ticks and tricks how to amp up any summer wardrobe to look wow.  Continue reading

Baskets for berries or mushrooms

Baskets for berries or mushrooms?

The fast game provided by literary masses last ended loose on the fashion field for them. Let’s take Jane Birkin for example. She quickly became a fashion divinity during a season where the 60s and 70s are ruling. While others fill their Instagram feeds with famed bags, little dresses, and the little shine, Ms. Birkin chose the same basket which was on Mr. Gainsbourgh’s arm. It seems that this basket which substituted Hermes Birkin bag is a legend now. So Jane’s influence is still huge. Continue reading

Bandanna’s comeback in 2015

Bandanna’s comeback in 2015

Nobody can say the exact time when the bandanna has appeared but it’s well known that it’s been the stuff of cowboys and pirates for a long time. It can be the largest come-back of this accessory in the spring and summer 2015. This time it’s used not only as a playful scarf but also as a stylish accessory for different garments. Parsley print is very popular now and applying to the bandanna it can add contrast and colour to any outfit. Do you know the ways of combining the bandanna with other pieces? Or do you want to know the designers who create the collections using this trendy accessory? Continue reading

Karl Lagerfeld and his three muses

“3 girls 3 bags” by Chanel

People say that nobody can have too many bags. We create various outfits and add beautiful accessories to make the look unique. Fashion designers create new fabulous things. Handbags are the essentials of any wardrobe. Chanel fashion house has started a new “3 Girls 3 Bags” ad campaign and has united three famous women – Vanessa Paradis, Alice Dellal and Kristen Stewart. Black and white shots attract everyone’s attention Continue reading

Charlie 1 Horse hat

What about Charlie One Horse Hats?

Do you like individuality and originality? I’m sure you do. And about western style? It’s very popular now and can give zest to your wardrobe. Today we’ll speak about a legendary brand, which creates cowboy hats for men and women with panache and great pride. Yeah, I speak about Charlie 1 Horse. Every hat style of this company is handmade in America and displays the owner’s personality. Let’s know a little more about this brand and this style. Continue reading

Hairstyles 2015 and hair accessories

The top of spring accessories

Fashion clothes always attract attention. We are inspired by runways season after season, search for trendy cuts and shades, create incredible outfits. And one of the very important things is the choice of accessories. They can make your look impressive and add a stylish touch to the basic wardrobe. We have determined several accessory trends, which will be on top this spring. Do you know how to create an interesting outfit or how to combine various pieces? We will tell you about the latest tendencies and the most interesting collections by fashion designers. Continue reading

Tote bags and their variations

Do you like totes?

We all know that the fashion trends are rather changeable. New looks appear and old favourites often return. But basic pieces often remain without major alterations. It concerns different clothes and even accessories.  Today we want to speak about one of the most popular bag – a tote. Every fashionista has such a comfortable accessory. If you are running from the early morning sports class to the office and then to different events and appointments over the town, the tote is the only bag, which can keep your things together. Besides, it looks pretty and can be perfectly involved into your wardrobe. Continue reading