Molo spring and summer 2015

Stylish kids collection by Molo for SS2015

Hot sunny days have brought wonderful mood and colourful clothes. All the people begin wearing their brightest and trendiest clothes to enjoy this amazing time. Molo is the brand, which combines all the best fashion tendencies in kidswear in one collection. The brand philosophy is that clothes reflect our personality and creativity. Do your children want to look cool and unique, be on trend and feel comfort? We are sure, they do. So, we’ll tell you about new spring and summer collection by Molo. Continue reading

Burberry kidswear SS2015

Burberry kidswear collection for spring and summer 2015

Burberry is the iconic brand, which has a great amount of fans among fashion lovers around the world. Perhaps, such popularity is because Burberry always goes beyond the time. The traditional print has become the main point of the brand for many years. Not only grown-ups want to look stylish and trendy. Kids are eager to create fashionable outfits, too. Do you want to know the main tendencies in Burberry’s collection for children or to catch inspiration from the looks? You have come to the right place. Continue reading

Passive Juice Motel outfit

Cute children clothes by different brands

When we think about children’s clothes we should take into consideration all the needs of the kids. Remember your childhood – the happy moments were when you wore comfortable and stylish garments. The clothes which were not cozy and cute don’t give rise to our memories. Even if we look at them now and feel some nostalgia, we are glad that they don’t fit us anymore. The children of nowadays are very different and the clothes should be different, too. That’s why we should offer them many various choices – different materials, styles and brands. Let’s speak about some of the cutest brands for little children to create wonderful adorable looks. Continue reading

When should girls start wearing make-up

When should girls start wearing make-up

Make-up is an important part of a style of every female. And it is also controlled by fashion trends. Having vogue make-up is the same as having the limited collection vintage bag. No wonder girls crave for their mothers’ make-up kits and eagerly try to reproduce the fancy seen on catwalks and in fashion magazines. There are even brands that create such beauty stuff for kids, they have their own trends and tendencies. However, there is a burning question, that bothers every parent – should their kids use make-up at all or not? Let us try to solve the issue together. Continue reading

the girls on the bench near the house with the pieces of cucumbers on the faces

Fashion trends for kids by Gary Osborne

Every day brings us much experience. And nowadays the children want to be fashionable and elegant like their parents. So there is a great choice of different outfits for stylish children. As always Hollywood has a great influence on fashion trends, especially celebrities and their famous kids. Gary Osborne, a famous expert on child style and founder of Oliver and Adelaile has told about the top children fashion trends for spring and summer 2014. Continue reading

Should you buy a huge bulky warm jacket for your kid or not?

Should you buy a huge bulky warm jacket for your kid or not?

Every parent at some point meets the negation of a child to wear some clothes. Kids may not like the color, the texture or embellishment and those are truly the problems of different tastes. It’s easy to fight them – just listen to your kid and try to find a compromise. It’s obvious, that you can’t bring in the fashion when you like opposite things. After all, it’s a child who is going to wear the clothes, not the well-educated and serious adult. Allow the childhood make it’s mistakes. Continue reading

Choosing accessories for kids

Choosing accessories for kids

All parents want to show off when they dress their children. They try to follow the fashion, change styles and eagerly look for unusual and cute accessories. Nowadays, both boys and girls have a great variety to choose from when it comes to little bags, headbands, wristlets, belts and other stuff. Fashion industry works without a rest to create new exclusive accessories for kids, which would draw loads of attention. Continue reading

little girl in a dress

Choosing beautiful and comfortable clothes for children

Fashion industry offers a broad variety of clothes for children of all the ages. There are dresses, suits, accessories, that follow the latest tendencies and represent “adult” styles. And kids often demand something alike to what their parents have. This may become a problem since children aren’t that neat or some accessories may just look inappropriate when used by them. Another issue to be solved is the disagreement between those who buy clothes and those who wear it. Conflicts of kids and their parents about what to wear happen really often. Anyway, choosing both fashionable and comfortable clothes that children will use with enthusiasm isn’t that tough. Continue reading