Granny panties in 2015

Did thongs give way to granny panties?

Have you heard that thongs become less popular and their rule comes to the end? High-waist granny pants are now on top. Certainly this news brings mixed feelings. On the one hand, comfort is forever, but, in the other hand, how to wear yoga pants, low-rise jeans and short dresses? What about panty lines, which look awful? Continue reading

High-waisted swimwear

High-waisted swimwear

When summer comes everyone wants to look stylish and effective, especially near the swimming pool or on the beach. Certainly, we all want to wear something new and fresh, but, to tell the truth, almost every time we wear the same silhouettes. Why do we always fall into the same trap? There are different reasons. But, in general, we are not sure that the new cut will fit perfect our figure shape or we are afraid of trying new trends and colours. As for the high-waisted swimwear, it can make you look feminine and flattering. So, try this amazing silhouette. Continue reading

Banana Moon summer 2015

Some tips how to chose the perfect swimwear

Hot days will soon come, so it’s time to choose a beautiful and stylish swimming suit to look perfect at the seaside. It’s not so easy as may seem at first sight. There is a large variety of silhouettes, colours and materials. Sometimes we dream about the certain swimwear and then feel the frustration from the unsuccessful shopping. Women have different body types and they should choose the swimsuits paying attention to this fact. Do you want to know the fit tips how to buy a perfect swimwear for everybody? We’ll tell you all the dos and don’ts of the shopping. Continue reading

A new fashion trend – layered skirts

A new fashion trend – layered skirts

Spring is a good time for new trends, stylish combinations and fashion experiments. What do you know about layering? Usually we associate it with cold months and warm clothes like coats or sweaters. But this spring skirt layering is on top. Designers use this technique in their spring collections and offer us to make stylish combinations. We can wear skirts over pants, dresses or even other skirts. Do you want to know the right ways of creating trendy looks using layered skirts? We will tell you the most popular techniques of skirt layering and help you avoid the most typical mistakes. Continue reading

Seafolly 2015 Gigi Hadid

Beautiful collection “Heat” for summer 2015 by Seafolly

Seafolly is one of the most recognizable beachwear brands worldwide. This  Australian company always focuses on the comfort and beauty of the swimwear. Its fashion designers bring their best innovations to the summer holiday garments to let all women feel and look amazing having a rest with their family and friends or even on their own. Do you want to know what colours and patterns will be on-trend in beachwear this year? Or where to buy incredible garments for vacations? We will tell you about the new collection of Seafolly and you’ll be impressed with the colours and prints. Continue reading

Wedding dress trends of the Fall 2015

Wedding dress trends of the Fall 2015

If you think that the most defying factor of the wedding dress is its colour (white), you have never been to Bridal Fashion Week. There is such a variety of embellishments, cuts, hemlines, shapes and shades by famous fashion designers in the fashion industry. Designers like Monique Lhuilluier, Reem Acra, Badgley Mischka, Angel Sanchez, Theia and many others offer incredible pieces for the brides for the Fall 2015.

This will be the season of crop tops (yeah, the bridal fashion can be different), funny shapes like wedding cakes and lace details. We want to show you the most remarkable styles and trends, which can be the inspiration to many fashion lovers who want to get married in the Fall 2015. Continue reading

One-piece swimsuits for 2014

One-piece swimsuits for 2014

When summer comes, all the women think about choosing beautiful and sexy swimming suits which will be perfect for a walk round the pool or down the beach. If bikinis are not your style and you don’t feel yourself comfortable wearing such garment, think about one-piece suits that will help you to look feminine and stylish. Continue reading

Loungewear in the runways

Tips and tricks how to look chic wearing loungewear

This year feeling of comfort is very fashionable. It can be seen in many things like clothes, accessories, footwear. Loungewear is becoming trendy pieces of clothes and not only in the bedroom. Designers mix various styles with comfort, add stylish accessories and make their own outfits. We want to give you some pieces of advice how to look chic and stylish but not like a big sack of potatoes when wearing comfortable loungewear. Continue reading

Swimwear trends 2014

When summer comes we all want to go to the beach. And certainly one of the most important decision is the choice of the swimwear you want to where. Swimwear trends can’t move such way like other fashion trends. It happens because it’s difficult to invent something new, just bikini and monokini. Certainly designers have to find the balance between the sex appeal, beauty and the functionality. And it limits their actions. But other fashion trends influence the swimwear trends very much. Continue reading