Valentino Couture Collection Fall 2014

Designers’ dresses from Couture Fashion Week

What is the rarest purchase in fashion? For sure it’s a luxurious piece from couture collection. Little fashionistas will ever buy a custom-crafted dress by such designers like Dior or Armani. But sometimes you want to feel yourself like a queen and to wear a jaw-dropping dress. Let’s speak about the most stunning dresses which will make the next season from Couture Fashion Week for the Fall 2014. They all are incredible, made with gorgeous materials with lots of hand embroidery. Women wearing them look like they are on the red carpet or on the ball. Continue reading

Summer dresses

Dresses in summer 2014

In summer the temperature is often very high. When the weather is hot and humid there is no wish to think over the outfits or fashion looks. Often the most frequent thought in summer is how to reach the point of destination without melting or getting any harm. It’s the main cause why lots of fashionistas choose throw-on-and-go pieces of clothes. Continue reading

Sheath dresses with modern prints

What clothes are good with sheath dresses?

The sheath dresses are very functional and necessary things in every woman’s wardrobe. These dresses look wonderful everywhere: from evening party to workday. This model is classical and it is very popular and famous. What clothes can you combine with the sheath dress? What colors will be suitable for this model?

Continue reading

Prom dresses

Prom dresses

There are many various memorable events in our life. And our outfit should be outstanding at these moments. For the young women who are preparing themselves for their prom moments or for those who are looking for wonderful dresses for their future celebrity event we want to offer some highlight trends. Continue reading

the LBD

8 silhouettes of dresses every woman should own

There are so many different fashion garments for women nowadays. They can make incredible outfits and change them every day. But sometimes all women want to look romantic and ladylike. And what can be more feminine than various dresses? Fashion is very changeable, trendy pieces come and go away, but dresses will stay for a long time in the closets of the modern women. Certainly they can be changed according to the season or the fashion tendencies, but there are several silhouettes that can help you to look perfect at any situation. Here are we want to offer you 8 main types of dresses for modern fashionista. If you have all of them you’ll be ready for all the occasions. Continue reading

A little black dress

A little black dress

Every woman who wants to look fashionable and trendy should have a wonderful black dress. There are so many different variants of dresses but none of them is more powerful as the black one. Once Chanel Creative Director, a famous designer Karl Lagerfeld said that one was never underdressed or overdressed wearing just a Little Black Dress. And of course that’s true because it’s a universal garment. Continue reading

The best dress for spring and summer of 2014

The best dress for spring and summer of 2014

If you are looking for a perfect gown for the spring/summer season of 2014, then you should point your attention on the flowing maxi dresses with A-line skirt. Warm time of the year is the best for long flowing dresses. What’s so good about them, you’d ask? Okay, let us see, why maxi dresses are overflowing the catwalks of spring/summer 2014. Continue reading

Coctail Dresses winter 2014

Cocktail dresses of 2014

One of the most romantic and feminine dress codes ever is a Cocktail. Women spend not just hours, but days looking for a right cocktail dress. This style is very sophisticated and demanding, yet leaves a plenty of space for fancy. 2014 didn’t change anything in the dress code itself, yet brought some new tendencies to the fashion of cocktail dresses. Anyone may go for the desirable style – classy or fashionable new. When it comes to dresses there are some peculiarities that never change, like choosing the appropriate length and flattering fit. Continue reading

three girls in dresses

Finding a flattering dress

All women are different and have different tastes. When it comes to shopping and completing an ideal wardrobe nobody ever agrees totally. And this is perfect, as it is a sign of unique styles that we all have. There is only one problem – we sometimes fancy something we should not ever wear. Some peculiarities of female bodies are very attractive and should be underlined, while others better be hidden. So, some tips for the beautiful women with beautiful and unique bodies. Continue reading