Burberry kidswear collection for spring and summer 2019

Burberry kidswear collection for spring and summer 2019

Burbery collection for kids


  • 1 Christopher Bailey and Burberry kids for SS2015
  • 2 Spring inspiration and little explorers
  • 3 The video of Burberry kidswear campaign for spring and summer 2015

Christopher Bailey and Burberry kids for SS2015

Always Burberry’s collections for kids take their inspiration from the adult runways. This year, the Prorsum has found its reflection in the stylish kids outfits. Christopher Bailey, A fashion designer and Burberry chief creative and executive officer, has created several themes in the collections this year. The main story is focused on adventure and freedom. Women’s collection “The Birds and the Bees” and men’s “Exploration” and “Adventure” have been the base of colorful kid’s outfits for spring and summer 2015.  Bright shades, wonderful fabrics and easy-to-wear cuts and shapes make the kids’ collection perfect for little fashionistas.

Christpher Bailey and Burberry women's collection for SS2015

Spring inspiration and little explorers

Do you like playing games or sports? And what about playing with your shadow? Burberry spring campaign for kids is all about amazing and magical games of children with the shadows of birds, trees and bunnies. It’s the main theme of the collection – children like adventures, they guess riddles, play and discover unexplored things. Burberry offers incredible childwear for the warmer season. The outfits are very bright and comfortable, they are just for little adventurers. All kids will be happy to wear runway miniatures and colorful rainwear.

Burberry collection for babies SS2015

As I’ve already said, urban style of the collection is focused on Britishness, adventures and beauty. It is a real splash of colours. Denim jackets of bright shades, being layered upon beautiful light dresses, look playful and delicate. I think that graceful and energetic girls will love this combination very much. Indigo denim is among the most popular shades and the boys can choose it to look stylish and cool. Comfortable dresses, t-shirts, pants and shorts of the collection are also very bright and ready-for-having-fun.  To finish the look Burberry has prepared an incredible collection of colorful sneakers, which can adorn any look. Wearing the garments from the new spring collection, kids can look like grown-ups,  and, at the same time they can play and discover the world in the comfortable and unique outfits.

The video of Burberry kidswear campaign for spring and summer 2015

Checked prints in menswear for the Fall and Winter 2014/2015

Checked prints in menswear for the Fall and Winter 2014/2015

Everyone knows that fashion is very changeable. We see various runway shows and try choosing the items, which will be on top the upcoming season. But usually the trends come and go away every season. And our wardrobe becomes old-fashionable. So? What to do to be stylish and look fashionable every season?

There are some certain styles in men’s clothing, which are always on top and never drop out of the trends. So, it is for sure easily just to add fashionable and trendy pieces of clothes to your look than to change all the wardrobe. One of such stylish things is check patterns. In the Fall and Winter 2014 this style remains popular. Checked tailored clothes like separates and suits look trendy and fresh.

Let’s see the how the checked patterns are used on the runways shows and how to combine them to create a stylish look.

Checked suits by fashion designers


  • 1 Checked tailoring in the designers’ collections on the runways
  • 2 The ways of wearing: the full suits
  • 3 The ways of wearing: three-piece checked suits
  • 4 The ways of wearing: checked blazers
  • 5 The ways of wearing: checked trousers
  • 6 The video of Alexander Mcqueen Menswear collection for the Fall and Winter 2014/2015 in London

Checked tailoring in the designers’ collections on the runways

Certainly, such patterns is rather traditional and to see all the advantages you should go to the British brands. From Chester Barrie to Richard James the designers create the checked tailored pieces like wonderful jackets, stylish trousers and elegantly-cut outwear for the Fall and Winter 2014. Hackett have used traditional motifs, while Richard Nicoll adds some modern variants of panels to his suits.

Alexander McQueen has created an unusual print using black and pink checks. His collection has been inspired by punk culture, creating bright double-breasted suits with checked patterns.

If to speak about the designers outside the United Kingdom, pay attention to the collections by Michael Bastian, Brioni, Trussardi, Bottega Veneta, Corneliani and Boglioli. They all have used different checked patterns while creating their collections. If you have already seen all the collection and chosen your perfect checked items, the question “How to wear them?” can appear. We will tell you the ways how to combine checked tailored pieces and how to corporate them into your usual wardrobe.

The ways of wearing: the full suits

Full suits is a wonderful formal wear. In autumn or winter 2014 the well-cut textured items will be perfect for cold weather conditions. If you opt for light-grey, charcoal or navy checked suits, you will look sophisticated and confident.

Modern grey variants in lean fit can be paired with stylish white shirts and navy ties. To finish the look, wear black or even brown Oxfords.

Navy suits with a little scale check are perfect for creating a statement look. Wear such suit without any tie with a buttoned-up shirt. This is one of the trendiest look of this season. If you want to be on top going out, think about this navy suit.

Charcoal checked suits are very stylish. Such colour is rather rare that’s why you will be noticeable among the sea of plain grey and blue suits. To create an interesting effect add a tie with polka dot print.

For the most confident fashionistas we propose bold green and blue checked suits this season. They would garner attention and you will be on top. Combine the suit with a plaid shirt and a neutral tie.

Different variations of the checked jackets

The ways of wearing: three-piece checked suits

If you want to look like a real gentleman, opt for the timeless style pieces – three-piece suits. They are usually crafted from the pure wool and features traditional checked prints. Choose suit in perfect cut, which consist of wonderful jacket, trousers and waistcoat.

The ways of wearing: checked blazers

Checked print is very popular. However, in case if you don’t want to go in all check, just think about separates. Opt for checked blazers. It’s a perfect piece of clothes for creating the wardrobe for every event. It can be worn as well as to the office so as for the weekends. It’s perfect in the autumn evenings, when the temperature falls down and you need to add some more warmth to your outfit. Combine a plaid grey blazer with a light blue textured shirt and tailored black trousers. Such combination can make a wonderful formal contrast.

A checked jacket can help to create a perfect look for different smart-casual occasions. Try various combinations to look different every time. For example, pair a checked tweed jacket with slim-fit jeans. Remember that heavyweight fabrics coincide with each other best of all. To finish the look, wear brogue boots, which can add some country details to the city look.

Variations of checked trousers

The ways of wearing: checked trousers

Wearing checked trousers is another way of using this trend in everyday life. Opt for slim-fit pairs. They look modern and stylish. Pair them with light Oxford shirt and a comfortable sweater. Finish the look with penny loafers and be handsome. Also you can look for the irregular check prints on the textured fabrics. Leather biker jacket will help to create a rock ‘n’ roll look.

As you see check pattern can help you look handsome and stylish. Don’t be afraid of experiments and create trendy outfits.

Asymmetrical hem is the trend of spring 2015

Asymmetrical hem is the trend of spring 2015

Are you ready for the upcoming season? Today let’s speak about such wonderful trend as the asymmetrical hems of the dresses and the skirts. Yeah, it will be on top again. Now the asymmetrical hem looks much sexier than ever. We can see the variety of playful hems – super-short and sassy, diagonally sliced or cascading over the knees. Almost all the brand stores offer you beautiful skirts with asymmetrical hems. Long skirts with high slits which show more leg can be perfect for a night out. The biggest statement of the next season is the idea to look sexy without trying too hard.

Wonderful skirts can be made in all lengths in sturdy fabrics or diaphanous chiffons, with various subtle designs or with bold prints. You can choose what you prefer and what is better for your figure shape and for your style.

Asymmetrical hem create a plyful and sexy statement.

Certainly, you want to look sexy and breezy. And if you are sure that the asymmetrical game is yours, follow our pieces of advice to create a stylish outfit and to look chic and refined.


  • 1 Breezy and relaxed silhouettes
  • 2 Create an edgy look
  • 3 Sporty style and asymmetrical hem
  • 4 Sex-appeal of the asymmetrical hems
  • 5 Glamour and asymmetrical hem
  • 6 Stylish little white dress
  • 7 The video of the full show by Hermes  for Spring and Summer 2015 in Paris

Breezy and relaxed silhouettes

During the daytime, everyone wants to keep everything effortless, using wonderful weightless fabrics, pastel colours and easy breezy silhouettes. Relaxed shapes make the asymmetrical hems look perfect. To create easy and breezy silhouette, pay attention to such details:

To create a day appropriate outfit let your asymmetrical hem fall around the knee (if it starts on your hips). In this case  you will look chic and stylish. Add some playful details like some subtle prints, textured waves, high ankle-strap heels and button0down blouses. Rebecca Minkoff has offered such a combination.

Stella McCartney has created fluid dresses with voluminuous asymmetrical hems to refresh her collectin.

If you like dresses, follow Stella McCartney’s advice. Asymmetrical hem looks amazing in the parachute silhouettes. Pair such dresses with flats and create low buns with your hair.

A white dress with asymmetrical hem by Richard Chai

Create an edgy look

In order to achieve a cool and distinct edge, search for the masculine-inspired leather cuts and lines. Black colour also will look great. A black tiny diagonally-sliced miniskirts can be perfectly paired with leather jackets and trendy sweatshirts with different logos. Such combination is rather universal and can be worn day and night. Anthony Vaccarello has used this method creating his collection.

Another variant is to wear a feminine lightweight dress with an asymmetrical hem together with masculine-inspired tailored blazer. Such tough look has been met in the collection by Marissa Webb.

Sporty style and asymmetrical hem

Everyone knows that going sporty is very popular now. Sport-luxe pieces and tones leave nobody indifferent to this style. Skirts with asymmetrical hem are perfectly combine with the sporty pieces. This time we see the sex appeal of the trend. Try combining different styles, but don’t forget that only one trend should dominate.For instance, take wonderful Lacoste’s sporty dress with an asymmetrical hem, and pair it with high heels and minimum make-up. Paco Rabanne offers the mixtures which consists of a sporty sheer top over a stylish bandeau and a n amazing asymmetrical skirt. The combination of this styles is very sexy and delightfully chic.

Sporty dress by Lacoste for spring and summer 2015

Sex-appeal of the asymmetrical hems

Certainly, such style is sexy by default. Such skirts highlight legs and show enough skin to attract the attention and, at the same time, the hems hide most of the body. Remember that asymmetrical hems are better for the night time or after the sunset. Think about looking glamorous choosing the rest of the outfit – opt for dark hues, delicate cut-outs and sleek silhouettes. Keep the style to the minimum not to make your look too revealing. Add statement heels and red lips.

Outfit by Michelle Ochs

Glamour and asymmetrical hem

If to speak about the evening-wear wardrobe, you are on the right way. Pretty short and floor-length pieces look great. You can refresh them with beautiful graphic accents, some colour hints and stylish pumps. Bold lips will be a great addition to the whole look.

Soft pastels and delicate asymmetry is appropriate for going to the restaurant or meeting with friends. A simple hairstyle and minimal makeup look will look amazing. The silhouette will look gorgeous with pretty heels or matching cute flats.

Stylish little white dress

Spring is the wonderful time when everything awakens and everyone wants to wear something delicate and lightweight. A white dress with an asymmetrical hem will be a perfect choice for the fashionistas, who want to add some sensual details to the wardrobe. Basic pieces are perfect for the daytime. Search for a white shirt-dress with an uneven hem, belt the waistline and add a colourful pair of stylish heels if you want to wear it during the daytime. For the evening opt for fit-and-flare silhouettes with one-shoulder straps and high heels.

Spring 2015 is featured with different cuts, shades and silhouettes. The asymmetrical hem is one of the most fashionable and stylish trends of the season. Build many different outfits paying attention to different combinations and your own preferences.

A new fashion trend – layered skirts

A new fashion trend – layered skirts


A warm season usually brings various opportunities to make you look fresh and stylish. Favourite pieces can be a good base for a new reimagined wardrobe if mixed in a right way. Spring 2015 is great for layering: you can wear double skirts creating a casual look or adding some playful mood, breaking the rules and wearing skirts over pants. Though the skirt layering is a big and really functional trend of the season it can sometimes look odd and eccentric. To feel fashion and comfortable, follow our tips and approach the right way.

Spring 2015 collection by Peter Som

To be inspired look for the collection for Spring and Summer 2015 by such designers and brands as DKNY, Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Peter Som, Sally Lapointe, Jil SanderJil Sander, Tome, Barbara Bui and Aquilano Rimondi.


  • 1 Skirts layering combinations
  • 2 Some tips how to layer skirts
  • 3 The video of DKNY collection for Spring and Summer 2015

Skirts layering combinations

Skirts wearing over skirts are rather popular. This is the perfect chance for you to create fabulous combinations using the skirts of various shapes and length, colours and textures. You can mix mini, midi or maxi silhouettes to achieve the result you desire. To make the look more comfortable and effortless, use lightweight materials. Colour palette should be kept to a minimum not to make the look to busy.

Calvin Klein for SS2015

Skirts in combination with dresses look perfect. There are two ways of mixing them. You can wear skirts underneath dresses. It usually looks unconventional and very feminine. To create such a look, search for flexible and sleek skirts, choose straight silhouettes and basic shades. What about dresses? Flouncy ones will be a perfect company for such a mixture. Another way is to wear skirts over chic dresses. Opt for the skirts in sturdy materials like denim, leather or suede. High slits on the sides or at the front can make you look sexy and stylish, adding movement to the layering. As for the colours, think about complementary shades to make this combination more cohesive.


Skirts wearing over pants create a fresh and stylish combination. Do you like to be in the limelight? If you do, this way is just for you. To combine skirts and pants opt for tailoring pieces, this mixture always look impeccable. Matchy-matchy pieces are chic and sophisticated. Asymmetrical hems will make the look a little more subtle.

Some tips how to layer skirts

There are some things you should remember to look perfect when layering skirts. If you want to create a polished look, choose minimal lines and basic shades. Peplum effect can be achieved with a beautiful flounce skirt worn over a longer silhouette. Apron skirts always look perfect in different combinations and if you hesitate about using this trend it’s a wonderful variant to start with. Layering is a good way to play with volume, length and silhouettes. You can add dimension and substance to your entire look.

But there are also some things you should avoid when layering two garments. Don’t mix too many prints, styles and materials. Slouchy silhouettes can look very unrefined and saggy.

Tight silhouettes can be uncomfortable and rigid. Also avoid using too sheer, too short or too loose pieces in your wardrobe, even if you like them very much. And, the last tip – follow our pieces of advice, make experiments and create your own combinations.

Swimwear trends 2014

Swimwear trends 2014

When summer comes we all want to go to the beach. And certainly one of the most important decision is the choice of the swimwear you want to where. Swimwear trends can’t move such way like other fashion trends. It happens because it’s difficult to invent something new, just bikini and monokini. Certainly designers have to find the balance between the sex appeal, beauty and the functionality. And it limits their actions. But other fashion trends influence the swimwear trends very much.

Vintage inspired swimwear

So what to wear in summer 2014? What swimwear trends will be popular? There are some fashion tendencies for the upcoming season.


  • 1 Vintage-inspired swimwear
  • 2 Mismatched bikini bottoms and tops
  • 3 Swimwear with digital prints
  • 4 Feminine frills swimming suit
  • 5 Cut-away swimwear
  • 6 Swimwear inspired by 90s
  • 7 Sporty- chic swimming suits

Vintage-inspired swimwear

In 2014 the pin-ups style is very popular. It comes from the era of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Jayne Mansfield.

The modern Vintage-inspired swimsuit has high waisted bikini bottoms; also it has various vintage prints and cuts. It’s such a bombshell. But of course modern tendencies and colours also influence the choosing of swimming suit. What features should you pay attention to?

  • High-waist bikini
  • Vintage prints like psychedelic, kaleidoscopic and geometric can be met in modern cuts
  • Full-cupped tops of the swimwear
  • Monokinis with sweetheart neckline, cinched-in waists and even little cute pockets
  • Urbane cuts and accents

Mismatched bikini bottoms and tops

Difference in colours and prints can help you in creating an interesting look. Wearing mismatched tops and bottoms is a great way to make various outfits with different parts of bikinis. Some tips and tricks to look stylish:

  • If you are not ready for all-out clashes, look for a black bikini and pair it with different tops pf bright colours and modern prints. You will look trendy.
  • Choose interesting pieces and mix them you like. You can pick any of the most popular: floral, animal prints, geometrical or digital prints.

Swimwear with digital prints

These prints are very popular in spring and summer 2014. They are almost everywhere. Digital prints can be very different: from animal prints and florals to cityscapes and abstractions. There are no strict rules. you can choose any digital print you like.

Feminine frills swimming suit

Frills are very beautiful and delicate. They can add a soft and dainty vibe and volume where you need to make your body shape more flattering. Look for pastels, whites and little prints when choosing such a beautiful swimwear.

Cut-away swimwear

According to the runways for 2014 and 2015 cut-away one pieces silhouettes are on top now. This gorgeous style of swimming suits is rather unexpected and sexy. Various cuts and shapes can make a luxe and modern look. Look for monochrome tones and vibrant prints.

Swimwear inspired by 90s

Do you remember bright neon colours, sheer mesh and high cut pieces of the late ’80s and early ’90s? In summer 2014 this style has returned courtesy to many designers and brands like Neon and Minimale Animale. So you can try to add some sex-appeal of 90s to your wardrobe.

Sporty- chic swimming suits

Another trend of this season is various kinds of swimwear that have a sporty-chic tendencies. They are featured with sleek silhouettes, bright colours and modern trendy cuts. They should be very sexy and sporty.

You can wear any swimwear you like. This season offers lots of various styles, shades and prints. You can mix them up if you want. When choosing the best swimwear remember about your figure shapes and find the pieces to fit you perfect. Keep in mind summer mood, trendy tendencies, bright colours and have a great time wearing these swimming suits.



The top of spring accessories

The top of spring accessories

Fashion clothes always attract attention. We are inspired by runways season after season, search for trendy cuts and shades, create incredible outfits. And one of the very important things is the choice of accessories. They can make your look impressive and add a stylish touch to the basic wardrobe. We have determined several accessory trends, which will be on top this spring. Do you know how to create an interesting outfit or how to combine various pieces? We will tell you about the latest tendencies and the most interesting collections by fashion designers.


  • 1 Floral hair accessories
  • 2 Statement necklaces
  • 3 Bold bags
  • 4 Askew Crew
  • 5 Accessories made of brass
  • 6 Sunglasses with futuristic frames
  • 7 Tied belts
  • 8 The video of trendy accessories for spring and summer 2015

Floral hair accessories

Every Fashion week we see floral prints and other flowery motifs in various collections. This year is no exception, but it has taken a different form. Beautiful headpieces with blossomed flowers are on top in spring 2015. Fashion designers have made the headbands beautiful and fresh.

Bora Aksu has combined blue and white, crochet and sheer materials. Marchesa  designers Keren and Georgina have crafted glorious floral crowns, adding pastel feathers and elegant crystals there to add some bohemian touch to the collection and to soften rather bright make-up.

Dolce & Gabbana brand has been inspired by Spanish women. They have pinned carnations and roses in the models’ stylish buns. Fresh flowers have added effortlessness and sense of airiness to the sleek looks and can be easily translated to the real life.

Statement necklaces

There are so many variants of this accessory. This season search for unusual styles like chokers, amazing pendants, gemstone bibs and half-moon necklaces to be on top. The tight embrace of chokers can add a chick element to the modern and fashion wardrobe. Such necklace can be made of heavy metals and be adorned with gems. Some designers offer the chokers in different colours or with matching prints. Search for this accessory in the collections by DKNY, Balmain, Christian Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Lanvin, J.W.Anderson, Versace, Ralph Lauren.

Balmain chokers SS2015

Half-moon necklaces can help you in creating a lush-polished look. Oscar Metsavaht has combined nature, art and architecture in this unusual accessory. If you want to look interesting and fresh, wear neutral clothes and add such wonderful necklace. Search for the Osklen line.

Sporty and casual clothes will be very trendy in spring 2015. They are very comfortable and fit active people. Ralph Lauren has created oversized gemstone necklaces to dress up the downplayed outfits.

Ralph Lauren accessories SS2015

Pendant necklaces can make your spring wardrobe stylish and fashion. You can update your basics just adding this swinging accessory. Look for the collections by Derek Lam, Celine, Hermes, Edun, Nina Ricci and Lanvin.

Bold bags

On the fashion runways we have seen lots of colourful bags, which for sure will be very popular among fashionistas in the upcoming spring. To look trendy choose round shapes, bright colours or innovative details. Burberry offers multicoloured top-handled satchels which match your outfits. Matching colours is one of the main trend of the next season. Rebecca Minkoff has created a collection of feminine round bags which fringe and various embellishment. And any of these handbags will be a great addition to any look.

Rebecca Minkoff  bags for SS2015

Askew Crew

This trend is for confident people who like experiments. Do you remember a single-earring trend, which has been on top recently? It has given the way to the new tendency – unbalanced look. What does it mean? Irregularity is on top – whether it can be a different length, shape or colour. Search for the earrings by Hermes, Oscar de la Renta, Louis Vuitton and Nina Ricci. They all are different but look amazing and fresh.

Nina Ricci accessories SS2015

Accessories made of brass

Every season we try to find the accessories of certain materials. The trendy metal of this spring is rich bold brass. It can be found in a huge variety of beautiful pieces like pendants, earrings, rings and necklaces. Choose collections by Lanvin, Dries Van Noten, Nina Ricci, Tom Ford, Loewe, Jason Wu and Valentino.

Tom Ford accessories SS2015

Sunglasses with futuristic frames

On the runways we have seen lots of fresh and futuristic styles of sunglasses. Zac Posen offers the oversized frames with sun-glasses shapes to add a new edge to his feminine collection. Michael Korshas combined two popular styles – the aviators and the cat-eyes – to create a playful girly vibe. Suno has designed playful sunglasses in the variety of fun colours, and when warm season comes, choose colourful and fresh sunglasses styles to look playful and trendy.

Michael Kors sunglasses SS2015

Tied belts

Figure-flattering silhouettes are very popular this spring. To create such feminine look fashion designers offer to cinch the waist with colourful tied belts. It’s one of the easiest accessory and can be applied to different pieces of clothes. BCBG Max Azria has created flowy silhouettes with beautiful belts to create feminine curves. Burberry also has added tied colourful fabrics in the spring collection. David Tiale has made a neutral collection and emphasized the waistline by adding colours with bright tied belts.

Burberry Prorsum  SS2015

Springtime is perfect for making experiments. Accessories can help you to change your look every day with minimum effort. Try various mixtures and colour combinations and you will look different every time. Be beautiful and stylish.

Wedding dress trends of the Fall 2015

Wedding dress trends of the Fall 2015

This will be the season of crop tops (yeah, the bridal fashion can be different), funny shapes like wedding cakes and lace details. We want to show you the most remarkable styles and trends, which can be the inspiration to many fashion lovers who want to get married in the Fall 2015.

Trend #1 – Various cut ups and crop tops

If you think that wedding dresses should be delicate and rather traditional, the next season will change your opinion. Bridal industry has been always safe from the experiments and the crop tops trend. The Fall 2015 wedding season has made a surprise for everybody. Reem Acra has shown midriff-baring dresses consisting of two pieces. Monique Lhuillier has created beautiful covered-up separates for demanding brides, which will be perfect for cold-weather affairs.

Crop tops

Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman have shown the gorgeous collection of lace dresses with floral embroidery. But if to look at their dresses closer, you can see that in fact, they are not dresses, they are separates. Incredible crystal tops with tulle bustiers combined with amazing tulle skirts. Peplum jackets with high neck have been draped over sheared skirts and lace columns. Chapman thinks that separates are rather very versatile and beautiful at the same time. Skirts, bodices, tops and capes can be easily changed after the official ceremony. The designers also introduce a new shade of their bridal pieces – champagne. This hue has made the collection look new and fresh.

Wedding crop tops by Reem Acra

Midi, the favourite fashion hemline of the season can work for the wedding dresses, too.

Trend#2 – The sexy Hollywood slit

Weddings are very meaningful parties in everybody’s life. They are not very different from the red carpets. So, it’s not a surprise that bridal designers have borrowed new fashion trends from their collections for Hollywood red carpets.  Long slits look gorgeous and they add some sexy elements to the bridal gowns. The slit make the lineup long and slim. Demure bridal dresses become fresh and stylish. Houghton, Badley Mischka, Sarah Jassir, Ines Di Santo and Reem Acra have added this trend to their wedding collections.

A wedding dress with a long slit

Trend # 3 – Wedding dresses which look like wedding cakes

Of course, everyone knows that various ruffles and tulle are not new in the creating of gorgeous wedding dresses, but this year when you look at the gown it looks like a wedding cake. Asymmetrically draped layers or cascading tiers create voluminous embellishment. Marchesa, Badgley Mischka, Claire Pettibone, Dennis Basso and Angel Sanchez have created wonderful items using this technique.

A wedding dress for the Fall 2015 by Badgley Mischka

Trend#4 – Optical illusions

Kenneth Pool and Ines di Santo offer beautiful gowns, which get a double-take because they create subtle illusion with the details along necklines and arms. The dresses look rather conservative but at the same time they show more skin. Opt for the collections by Reem Acra, Kenneth Pool, Ines di Santo and Angel Sanchez to get similar effect.

A wedding dress by Carolina Herrera for the Fall 2015

Risk-taking cut-outs can be perfect bridal pieces for the big day

Trend #5 – Focus on your back

Last season the attention was focused on the short hemline. The fall 2015 will be the season of the sculptured back and lots of designers keep the backs of their gowns bare and pay attention to the backsides and to the front. Badgley Mischka, Temperley London, Innes di Santo will make the bridals go to the gym class because their gowns look gorgeous.

A wedding dress with a bare back by Ines Di Santo

Trend #6  – Fully sleeved  pieces

The temperature is rather low in autumn, that’s why long sleeves are one of the most suitable and expected trends of the season. Usually the sleeves are made of sheer tulle or beautiful lace and the overall were very light. This time designers have made the sleeves from the same fabric as the bodice and added more depth and texture with fancywork. Opt for the collections by Theia, Claire Pettibone, Dennis Basso, Delphine Manivet, Houghton, Naeem Khan and Temperley London. They look wonderful and the gowns with long sleeves can make you feel comfortable.

The wedding dress with long sleeves by Theia Fall 2015

Trend # 7 – Straps which you can miss

Most of wedding dresses go strapless and others offer different variations of lace-covered arms or mix of cap sleeves. For the Fall 2014 fashion designers offer another variant – the spaghetti straps. They look very stylish and it’s a good way to have the straps without taking attention from the rest of the dress. Christos, Naeem Kham, Temperley London, Pnina Tornai, Essence of Australia Sarah and Jassir make beautiful variants of the spaghetti straps. They add some elements of tenderness to the wedding gown.

Spaghetti straps on the wedding dress by Sarah Jassir for the Fall 2015

Fall 2015 is a season of experiments and versatility in the bridal industry.

The Fall 2015 will be the season of fresh and new trends which will make the brides stylish and beautiful. Everyone can choose the dress, which will be perfect for this special event. Designers only help to be fashionable and unique but only the brides can choose the gown of their dreams.

Wedding dresses trends of the fall 2014

How to choose a swimsuit when you are over 40

How to choose a swimsuit when you are over 40

Summer is the season when all women go to the fashion shops to find the ideal swimwear. They spend lots of hours looking for the styles, shapes and colours of this piece of clothes to look perfect.

Different approaches to the choosing the swimsuits according to the age and figure type

Certainly, at the very young age, while you are only 20, triangle bikini is a wonderful choice. It can show the best sides of your body shape and make you feel comfortable and cool at the same time. Certainly your figure shape should be ideal. Young age can allow trying many variations and all the creative ideas and crazy colours. But when you get older and have children, you can feel that such swimming suits are not good for you and you want more coverage and support. Your thoughts about this playful garment change with the age.

Different variants of swimsuits

Tips and tricks how to select the swimsuit when you are over 40

If you are not so young there are some rules for choosing the swimsuit. But don’t do common mistakes. Many women try hiding all the figure flaws with more materials, wear one-pieces which can cover all the body. But it can work vice versa. Instead of hiding all problem zones you can catch everybody’s eye to them.

If you have massive thighs don’t wear swimsuits with shorts or skirts. It won’t look good. Opt for one-pieces that have a higher cut which can make an illusion of long legs.

Try choosing the swimming suits with control panels which can make you look slimmer and younger.

Another tip is to opt for a swimming suit which can make a perfect bust support. Many brands and designers create beautiful models taking into an account this detail. There are many various straps, halters and shelf-bras.

To look perfect at the pool or on the beach you should follow some rules.


  • Shades – metallic, neon colours, stark white.
  • Prints and patterns – florals can be not good, various psychedelic prints and patterns, animal prints.
  • Details – various sparkles and jewels on the suit, thongs, sheer details, fringe

Opt for:

  • Shades – neutral and bright colours can look very good
  • Prints and patterns – various stripes, dots, geometrical patterns, paisley and colour blocking.
  • Details – coverage for the problem zones, contrast trims and double lining.

If to say about the clothes which you can pair with your swimsuit, look for beautiful linen tunics or dresses, long feminine dresses, incredible sarongs.

When buying the perfect swimsuit don’t look for very cheap ones. This piece of clothes is very important and it can help you look wonderful and feel like a queen. So, it’s worth every dollar.

A woman on the beach wearing one-piece


Trendy footwear of the fall 2014

Trendy footwear of the fall 2014

The summer 2014 comes up to the end, and we will soon put our sandals away to the dark corner of the closet until the next warm season. Birkenstocks can be the perfect footwear for the warm days of September. But fall’s new shoe trends make us go shopping and create new and fresh outfits. There is such a variety of stylish shoes, which are suitable for the autumn: sexy and beautiful lace-ups, stylish brogues, playful and cool mules. We have seen different looks and variations of outfits on the designers’ runways on fashion weeks for the fall 2014.

Autumn is a cold season that’s why boots have been presented almost in all the collections. Certainly it’s impossible to reinvent the bicycle, but this fall many designers have created unique options to improve the salability and to combine imagination and cleverness.

Over-the-knee boots

They are the must-haves of the autumn 2014. Over-the-knee boots are very sexy and cute. This season they are going to get the real street cred owing to the runways. If you don’t like too sultry outfits, search for the flat high boots and wear them over your favourite skinny pair of jeans in combination with slouchy sweaters. You will look trendy and not too hot at the same time.

Over-the-knee boots

Lug soles

These heavy-duty and sturdy soles are not only for mountaineering boots any more. In 2013 Prada put such soles almost to every footwear from sandals to boots. The fall 2014 is featured with the rugged soles which are delivered on everything from sophisticated lace-ups to trendy and stylish cutout booties.Such sole is perfect for the inclement autumn conditions.

Sexy lace-ups

To tell the truth even very little details can change our look. For example, tie-up straps will have a sexy impact on your style. Buy a beautiful pair of lace-up booties or lace-up pumps and you will see the difference. This footwear is always a standout piece.

Stylish mules

This spring they were on top and in the autumn the mules will be back with various prints and textures. These shoes have really changed. Now they are sleek, sexy and stylish. Such brands like Gianvito Rossi, Phillip Lim and Vince offer amazing variations of this footwear.

Several years ago the platform was the most popular sole, this season stiletto heels have replaced them. Wonderful soft leatheris used instead of various stretchy fabrics. Many designers add beautiful details like embellished or architectural heels, various adornments and incredible prints.

Gianvito Rossi offer wonderful petal pink mules with sky-high heels. They can be paired with a sleek dress and a casual boyfriend pair of jeans in combination with a stylish T-shirt. This footwear is rather universal. Just think over the whole outfit while wearing them.

Several variants of mod-boots

Mod boots

This trend has come from the ‘60s but now the mod boots are adorned with beautiul details and they have rather simple silhouettes. Some of them can be very bright and sparkling, others – suitable for everyday wear. But all these low-heeled boots look wonderful and stylish. Opt for the comfortable pairs and you will love them most of all.


Certainly, this footwear is not new in the world of fashion. But this season we have seen the versions which are not actually suitable for wearing to the sports club or to the gym. The fashion shows of Valentino and Chanel have made the sneakers cool and trendy. Trainers have become luxury footwear from the moment when Cara Delevingne wore Chanel’s Bridal Sneakers on the catwalks for the fall 2014. Many designers offer their variants of the sneakers with different prints and textures, adorned gems and fancy work. When looking for the trendy pair, opt for the bright colours to set the trainers apart from your workout shoes. The footwear of this season has developed in two various directions – ultra feminine and masculine.

T-strap pumps

If you want to feel yourself a little taller, these shoes are just for you. They are very feminine and ladylike. Valentino Rockstud  is the perfect example of this footwear. Opt for black heels or printed styles. You can wear them with a pencil skirt or trousers.

Brogues are very popular


Menswear-inspired flats will be on top this autumn. They can be made in quirky shades and chunky cuts. Such footwear is rather comfortable and stylish. Brogues look perfect. Even Victoria Beckham wears them instead of the platform pumps.

Stylish cutout boots

On the runways for the fall 2014 we have seen lots of staple booties with various unexpected cutouts. They are the hit of the season. If there are only a few pairs of shoes in your wardrobe this fall, the cutout boots should be one of them. They are very versatile – you can wear this footwear with beautiful dresses, trendy jeans and everything you have in your closet. Besides, you can wear bright colourful tights or socks and your look can differ every time. Let’s see the most popular cutout boots of this season.

  • Western boots with cutout details

Western style is very popular now. Suede boots with cutout details can look perfect with denim outfits or feminine floral prints.

  • Ankle boots with cutout deails

Choose cutout boots with chunky heel and pair them with skinny jeans or short playful dresses to create a contrasting hemline. Layer a structured coat over the pieces.

  • White heeled boots with cutout details

They are rather delicate and stylish. To lighten up the whole look wear white leather boots with oversized sweaters and black leather leggings. Though this look is minimalistic, it’s trendy and awesome.

As you see, there is a variety of stylish and marvelous boots for the fall 2014. Choose any you like, combine with the appropriate outfits and be beautiful.

Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris

Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris

Paris became the city of fashion for five days, from 25 to 29 of January. Every year the Haute Couture Fashion Week takes place in Paris and nowhere else, unlike the every-day- wear catwalk shows, which can happen everywhere. This year, after a week of terror, fashion shows have been the bravest and the boldest. The designers have shown themselves as very fearless and professional.

The sophisticated collections for spring and summer 2015 have been shown in the French capital this January. Famous designers and fashion houses like Chanel, Valentino, Versace, Giorgio Armani Prive, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Schiaparelli, Alexandre Vauthier and have presented their incredible clothes on the Haute Couture Week. Actually, the collections at haute couture are the important messages for the fashion world. Though not many people can buy the garments with 5-figures price tags, it is the forward-looking fashion show.


The show itself was like a garden full of flowers. The chanel logo was applied even to the watering can.  It took almost six month to create 300 paper flowers for the show decoration. Karl Lagerfeld said that the catwalk was a synthetic paradise and he dreamt about it lying in bed. Bare midriffs, slouchy skirts, sock booties, enormous hats with black tulle and tiny beanies adorned with flowers looked natural.

Haute Cuture collection by Chanel


Christian Dior took the elements of the 50s, the 60s and the 70s and mixed them together. The result was great. It’s a blend of futuristic and psychedelic elements. The spring and summer collection consists of loopy jumpsuits, plastic coats, printed with flowers and skintight boots. It seems rather weird but gorgeous.

Haute Couture collection by Christian Dior


The runway show was very glamorous. Donatella Versace described the collection as the combination of the cuts and curves of a woman’s body. Long sexy dresses with provocative cuts, skintight jumpsuits, luxurious gowns and amazing trousers suits attracted everyone’s attention. Stark white, cobalt blue, red passion and black were the basic colours of the collection and made the clothes the leaders among gowns and dresses. Donatella invited the supermodels of the 90s – Eva Herzigova, who is 41 and Amber Valletta,40. They wore beautiful flared and skintight jumpsuits, which showed their perfect bodies.

Armani Prive

The spring and summer collection consisted of 68 pieces and featured beautiful Oriental prints applied to the delicate materials and elegant silhouettes. Bamboo columns, adding the mood to the show, were on both sides of the catwalk. The models with sleek ponytails wore feminine jackets and enormous accessories. Silk and glittering fabrics created a glamorous mixture together with bamboo motifs.

Haute couture collection by Armani Prive

The video of Haute Couture Chanel show for spring and summer 2015