Gladiator sandals are a must-have in 2015

If you dream about the footwear, which will be perfect at any situation, think about gladiator sandals. They are on top this season. Fashion designers and popular brands offer a great variety of these stylish and modern lace-up shoes. What styles are popular now? Where have these sandals come from? What designers have shown this footwear on their runway shows? How to style them? You can find the answers after having read our blog.

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Floral prints in the Nike Air Max 1 Ultra City collection

Floral prints in the Nike Air Max 1 Ultra City collection

As you know, sneakers and running shoes become more glamorous and chic day after day. Famous brands invite fashion designers and add to their traditional traditional footwear various incredible prints and embellishments, creating them in a huge variety of colours. Do you like running? Today we’ll tell you about the new collection of Nike iconic running shoes.  Continue reading

Hairy shoes

Hairy shoes

Do you know the saying that the clothes make the person? This rule always works. Wearing stylish and modern outfits people start even thinking in a different way. I can say it also concerns the right footwear. We will tell you about one of the most innovative shoe trends of the upcoming season. Continue reading

Fotwear collection by Arden Wohl SS 2015

Trendy footwear of spring 2015

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to check the footwear trends which we will covet for in the spring 2015. For sure, every fashionista can be called a shoe-lover and every season we are looking for something new, interesting and hot. The designers’ solutions are really very exceptional, colourful and versatile. They have emphasized the comfort and wearability , added unique details and various embellishment to make the classic form look fresh and new. Here we want to offer you the top of the Spring’s fashionable shoes. Continue reading

A woman wearing over-the-knee boots

Trendy footwear of the fall 2014

The summer 2014 comes up to the end, and we will soon put our sandals away to the dark corner of the closet until the next warm season. Birkenstocks can be the perfect footwear for the warm days of September. But fall’s new shoe trends make us go shopping and create new and fresh outfits. There is such a variety of stylish shoes, which are suitable for the autumn: sexy and beautiful lace-ups, stylish brogues, playful and cool mules. We have seen different looks and variations of outfits on the designers’ runways on fashion weeks for the fall 2014. Continue reading

Ankle booties in summer

Ankle booties as a summertime footwear

We all love wonderful sunny summer days. But, unfortunately, only one month has left till the autumn comes. The shops begin selling wonderful new collections of famous brands for the upcoming season. Lots of fashion lovers certainly buy wonderful pieces of clothes and footwear. For sure, new items are fresh and stylish, the designers take into account all the new fashion tendencies. That’s why nobody wants to wait for a couple of months till the time to wear the new pieces comes. Continue reading


Summer shoes for rainy weather

In autumn and winter when the forecast is not very good and the days are rainy we often put on rain boots. You can find plenty of multifarious stylish and bright variations by many fashion brands. Even famous designers create the collection of beautiful rain boots. In summer the process of searching the appropriate rain footwear usually is a real problem. Because the days are hot, the temperature is high and the rain boots are not acceptable and you will not for sure want to wear them. Continue reading

Summer office footwear

All people know that summer is the season when the dwellers of megalopolises are languid with the heat and lack of fresh air. Especially it concerns people who should spend much time at the working place wearing classical pieces of clothes which are usually closed enough. Therefore people try to substitute the thick materials for the lighter ones. Continue reading

The ways of wearing sneakers

The ways of wearing sneakers

We don’t know the reason, but all women, for sure, decided that the pain is very cool and there is no style and beauty without painful feelings.  Fortunately it’s completely unnecessary. High heels like 5-inch stilettos are suitable only for some special occasions. To look beautiful you shouldn’t always wear such footwear. If you want to feel yourself comfortable in any situation we want to tell you some tips and tricks how to combine style and comfort.   Continue reading