A woman wearing a bright colourful fall coat

Trendy coats in the fall and winter 2014

As the autumn and winter come, everyone looks for the stylish and warm coat or jacket. It’s the most characterizing part of clothes in your wardrobe. There is a variety of the cool jackets and cozy coats. We want to tell you about the trendiest outwear for the cold seasons of 2014/2015.  Continue reading

Stylish jackets for cool days in summer 2014

To be honest, women have lots of various opportunities to change their outfits with fabulous pieces and layers. They have so many capsule garments which can make them look unique and beautiful. Different sheer layers, fancy work and embellishment change the dull look. Unfortunately, men’s clothes only now begin recreating in different variations. We can see many shades and prints, cuts and fits. Extra layers can give many variants of the outfits for the men who want to looks stylish and creative and not wear only a usual boring man’s set – a top, bottoms (jeans, pants or shorts) and shoes. Let’s speak about summer jackets for men. Are there any alternatives? What top layer is on trend this summer? Continue reading

Spring jackets

Jacket inspiration for spring 2014

The spring has come and the cold days have gone away. But it isn’t very warm yet and every fashion lover wants to buy a trendy spring outwear. But shopping of the spring coats or jackets is not a very easy thing. Because all we know that spring is a very changeable season: it can be very warm, even hot and the next day it can be rainy and windy. That’s why we should look for a multi-tasking jacket – warm but not too hot, lightweight and waterproof to save us from the downpours or sudden wind gust. And of course every girl wants her spring jacket is beautiful and trendy. That’s why we want to offer you the selection of fashion spring jackets of different famous brands for spring 2014. All of them are right on-trend, universal, chic and sleek. Continue reading

Clothing for men

Clothing for men – How to find the best one

The men of today are very fashion conscious, as they need to wear newer designs, different from the crowd. They just want to be a class in their own. Clothing for men is getting to be a different act altogether. There are many diverse stores catering to the novel demands of the today gentleman. He wants something which will make him stand out from the crowd, with heads turning to have a glance of him all dressed up, especially from the ladies. Continue reading

Men Coat Styles for Four Different Seasons

Coat is an important cloth for all people. In autumn and winter, coat is able to cover and warm up our body from the wind and coldness. In spring and summer, we can feel comfort and shaded from the sunlight by the help of coat. Nowadays, coating is even designed trendily to make the wearer looks fashionable. There are many kinds of coating such as pea coat, long coat, trench coat, and the other else. Some women would like to collect many kinds of coatings on their wardrobe. Nowadays, even men would like to collect different kinds of coating inside their closets. You have to know the kinds of coating before you collect them, so you won’t buy more than one coat of each kind. Let us see some latest men coat styles. Continue reading

Selecting the Best Men’s Winter Jacket

Before winter comes, we need to prepare many clothes that are able to make us feel warm during days with cold weather. Jacket is one of many warm clothes we have to prepare on our closet. Winter jacket is important for men and women. When we buy winter jacket, we have to check some characteristics of qualified jacket for winter season. If the jacket we like or we choose is not qualified, we better find the other jacket that’s really able to make us feel warm. Watch some characteristics of good men winter jacket below before you buy men`s winter jacket. Continue reading