The story behind the tuxedo

The story behind the tuxedo

This word sounds like something so expensive, so luxurious – tuxedo… it is something from the lime life with cocktails, golden jewelry and the most beautiful women. Isn’t it so? These days almost anyone can afford themselves at least renting a tuxedo for one night stand with high life. Have you ever thought about the history of this gorgeous suit? If not, this article is going to astonish you with some amusing facts and details.

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Summer suit is a perfect piece of clothes

Summer suit is a perfect piece of clothes

Wonderful and stylish summer suit is a necessary piece of the man’s wardrobe in order to look gorgeous in spite of the high temperature.  Of course it has to reveal personal style and meet all the cases of modern formal clothes. To buy such an important piece is a very complicated task though some people think that it’s very simple. Continue reading

Woman wearing a leather pencil skirt

Attires with pencil skirts

It seems that a pencil skirt can offer an endless number of different sets for all the occasions. Well, it’s true. Belonging of the look to a certain style is verified by the entire set of clothes and accessories. Depending on the color pencil skirt may also look more or less formal. Fabrics is to be chosen according to the season. Pencil skirt (and more than one!) should be present in the wardrobe of every woman.

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Pencil skirts of different colour

Pencil skirt – the most versatile item in your wardrobe ever

It is said that any woman should always have certain universal items in her wardrobe, like the little black dress or leather black clutch. In fact, she should have a pencil skirt of desired color – the most versatile part of the wardrobe. Tight fitting skirt is good for any style of clothes and underlines the merits of all kinds of bodies. Some may think that pencil silhouette is absolutely good only for business style. This is not true and it’s easy to prove this precipitate statement wrong. Continue reading

woman in fashionable in a formal suit

Choosing the right women suit

Could it ever be anything more sexy than a beautiful woman in a black tie style business suit? It seems so easy – choosing a suit that would underline merits of female body and would still be comfortable. However, many women tend to make mistakes in their choices of sets of clothes for office that turn them into caricatures of business-ladies. Here are few pieces of advice how to choose a really good business suit for women. Continue reading

I have a tuxedo… and what should I do with it?

I have a tuxedo… and what should I do with it?

Sophisticated tuxedo is a clothes that not every man has. Even more, definitely not every man can quickly think of an occasion in their life to wear it. However, most of the men at least secretly dream of the tuxedo and a chance to make a show of it. In case you’ve already bought one (or just imagine you did) here is a guideline when and where to wear. By the way, renting a tuxedo isn’t a crime – it’s a good opportunity not only to save money, but try yourself and understand, whether you should buy your own one or not. Continue reading

4 women in trendy suits

New tendencies in suits 2014

This season designers presented many interesting stylish suits. The main focus is on the fabric, unusual color and style. You don’t have to follow only strict business – like style because many different interesting stylish directions appeared in the ordinary suit. Continue reading

6 men in trendy suits

Suit fashion 2014

Suit is a necessary clothing item for every man. To be in trend during warm and cold seasons of 2014 a fashionable man can choose suits from the latest collections. First of all, your suit should be universal. And after that you can choose model, style and color according to your personal taste and expectations. Later on you will find the answers to the questions: What are trendy suits? What to wear for special occasions? Continue reading

Clothing for men

Clothing for men – How to find the best one

The men of today are very fashion conscious, as they need to wear newer designs, different from the crowd. They just want to be a class in their own. Clothing for men is getting to be a different act altogether. There are many diverse stores catering to the novel demands of the today gentleman. He wants something which will make him stand out from the crowd, with heads turning to have a glance of him all dressed up, especially from the ladies. Continue reading

Best Men’s Suits for Wedding 2013 Collections

Suit is a group of several clothes. Suit is divided into many kinds. Formal suit is a suit that’s usually worn for formal occasions like working, meeting, and the other formal programs. Many men are used to wear formal suit for men when they work and attend many formal programs. But their formal suit for men will be so boring if they have no variation to make their formal suit looks more stunning. Especially on your wedding, your suit should be the best suit so you will be the focal point and the guests will not only compliment your bride but also you. There are some ideas about how to select best of men`s suits for weddings 2013 here. Continue reading