Band collar shirts

Summer fashion for men is usually featured with various kinds of cuts, materials and colours. In summer 2014 we have seen floral and patterned pieces of clothes, mesh tops and bright colours. One of the most wide-spread micro-trends of this season is the band collar. It is applied on various garments like tops, t-shirts, shirts, jackets and coats. This trend takes the beginning from the traditional clothes of China and Japan. Later it became popular in the Western countries. Now this detail is the part of the creative pieces of clothes almost in every collection by many fashion designers. Continue reading

Basic white top paired with beautiful pink skirt

Basic tees of neutral shades

Even if you are a street style fashionistas there are some laundry days when you have only a couple of clean things which are difficult combined with one another. And in this situation to dress for work or for going out can be a pain. But don’t worry. If you have a neutral T-shirt, you can create an ultra- chic look following our tips and tricks and pairing pieces of clothes in a right way. Continue reading

Etro jersey in green

Spring and summer Etro jerseys for men

Styles and colors

Spring and summer are bright and sunny seasons. Everybody, including men, want to wear bright, multi-colored garments to greet the warm days. In 2014 such opportunity is possible with famous Italian brand Etro. They prepared a nice collection of unusual, stylish and super bright shirts and T-shirts for men. With this collection you will look trendy and have a sunny mood.

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Tops with embellishment in spring 2014

Tops with embellishment in spring 2014

Embellishment on the tops overall turned more into a kind of accessory in 2014. If you don’t really need even a clutch and not into wearing tones of jewelry, just choose ornate clothes. Tops can be embellished with gems, beads, fringe, studs, crystals, chains… anything you wish for! Just keep in mind that it’s good for all the styles except modest casual and strict business. Here you better got for classy reasonably contrast, yet matching accessories. Continue reading

Crop tops for spring 2014

Tops for spring season of 2014

You’d be surprised, but the spring season of 2014 didn’t bring that much of new tendencies in fashion. On the contrary, it revived some long forgotten sets and introduced lot of retro looks and items. So check out your wardrobe before shopping – maybe you already have the most fashionable stuff for the upcoming season. Lets now have a look at tops, that are in vogue this spring. Continue reading

crop tops in the runways

Crop top is a feminine trend of spring 2014

Each season along with wonderful interchangeable trends in the wardrobe of every fashion lover many interchangeable pieces appear. Maxi skirts have become very popular along with jumpsuits and peplum pieces because of their shapeless silhouettes. Another example is the popularity of Birkenstock-type sandals. Crop tops also can join this group. Some designers recently have added only some components of this piece to their collections flirting with them in the runways, but this season crop tops are almost everywhere; all the fashion lovers want to have them in their wardrobes. They have played a great part in the revival of the 1990s style that is also on the top of popularity now. Continue reading