The ways of wearing high-waisted pants

The ways of wearing high-waisted pants

Fashion trends and tendencies usually give us various opportunities to look stylish at any situation. The waist of the bottoms rises higher for fall and winter 2015/2016 and it helps us combine stylish and comfortable outfits even during the cold autumn and winter months. For the warm weather days high-waisted pants are also perfect: nothing else can make your legs look so long. Such silhouettes can be flared or tailored, and they remind us about the 70’s but new combinations will make you look modern and fresh. We want to give you some style tips and tricks how to involve the high-waisted pants into your wardrobe.

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Men, what about colourful chinos in summer?

Summer is already near our door and certainly we all should think about our hot-weather wardrobe. Women wear their lightweight dresses and playful skirts, colourful pants and shorts in combination with bright tops. And what about men? The best way is to equip oneself with wonderful shorts and tees, but the men who work in the office or those who don’t want to show the knobby knees can hardly do that. So, they choose the lightweight legwear or chinos, in other words. Do you know what colours to choose or how to combine them? Follow oue tips and tricks and you will always be on trend. Continue reading

Black leather pants

Leather pants are the trend of the Fall 2014

Leather pieces are always on top in the fall wardrobe. Everyone in the fashion world knows that autumn is the leather time. Especially, if we speak about the season 2014/2015. Jackets, skirts, spaghetti fringe dresses will round out everywhere in the fall. Leather pants are one of the chicest trends of the season. Continue reading

Printed culottes

Culottes are a new trend of summer 2014

 Summertime is always rich in trends and various fashion tendencies. Culottes are very good-looking, but not easy at all. Fashionistas used to wear skinny pants and jeans. Culottes are flattering. They have something from the early 2000s when stretchy gauchos were very popular. But now they look a little different. They have the elements of luxurious gowns from the runways. Culottes look gorgeous. IT-girls and glossy editorials prefer these pieces of clothes to others.

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Two girls wearing black sweatpants

Sweatpants are trendy pieces in 2014

Now, when the temperature is high everyone just wants to spend days at the swimming pool or on the beach. Fashionistas think about lightweight clothes which will help them to survive in this heat. But in several weeks warm summer days will gone and cool lazy mornings will come.In autumn and winter when the weather is dull and windy people usually don’t think about stunning outfits. They want comfortable and warm clothes which will be perfect at any situation. Usually loungewear is suitable only as a home wear and we don’t use it outside. But this season everything has changed. Many various brands create sleek and cozy sweatpants from different materials which can look wonderful with any outfit. They offer different variations of these pieces of clothes and everyone can find the garment he likes. Here we want to show you several examples of cool sweatpants which can help you to look trendy and at the same time feel comfort and sophistication. Continue reading

High waist pants

Some tips for wearing high waist

If to say about the hottest trends of this summer everyone will say that pants, skirts and shorts are on top now. That is the true. But we won’t speak about any certain part of the outfit now. We will speak about incredible and fashionable cut of the bottoms. We will speak about pieces with high waist. Such retro style is on-trend now and it makes the look very feminine and playful. Too tight skinnies are not the garments you need this season. Continue reading

The ways of wearing shorts this summer

The ways of wearing shorts this summer

It’s very difficult to say something new about shorts. And, of course, nobody get excited about them. They are just one of the basic things when the weather is hot. But there are so many ways of making this piece trendy and fashionable. Various lengths, materials and combinations can make the shirts your favourite pieces of clothes. We want to tell you some tips and tricks how to look stylish wearing shorts. Continue reading

Printed trousers

Printed legwear of the summer 2014

Colourful and printed pieces of clothes have dominated for several season. Summer 2014 is not an exception. Menswear becomes brighter and more fashionable. We can see different prints like florals and stripes, various colourful patterns in shirts and tees. Even accessories and blazers become more noticeable. Modern fashion lover wears pieces that can help him to mark put of the crowd. In summer 2014 designers have decided to go further and to apply lots of various motifs to the shorts and trousers. For sure, such trend is for confident men, who want to look stylish and fashionable. Continue reading

Jumpsuits styles for summer 2014

Jumpsuits styles for summer 2014

Certainly each of us is very different and spends summer days as he wants. Some people are vacationing at the poolside parties, some like to travel. But there are trends that can be suitable for any wardrobe. They are denim cutoffs or beautiful white dresses. One of such things is a sexy jumpsuit. It’s very comfortable and universal at the same time. You can wear it from morning till night. Many celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Heidi Klum, Dakota Fanning and many more wear such a wonderful garment. We want to offer you several trendy types of jumpsuits. When choosing the perfect one think about them. Continue reading