Gladiator sandals are a must-have in 2015

August 19, 2015

If you dream about the footwear, which will be perfect at any situation, think about gladiator sandals. They are on top this season. Fashion designers and popular brands offer a great variety of these stylish and modern lace-up shoes. What styles are popular now? Where have these sandals come from? What designers have shown this footwear on their runway shows? How to style them? You can find the answers after having read our blog.

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Paris. Menswear fashion week for SS2016

August 1, 2015

Menswear fashion weeks for spring and summer 2016 have come to their finish line moving to Paris. Fashion designers have shown their new interesting collections which tended for easy dressing. The silhouettes were predominantly slouched and relaxed, the waist was cinched in different ways. How to involve new trends into the everyday wardrobe and which of the designers give their own tips? Let’s see the most interesting menswear shows and know the trends, which will be on top next season.

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The ways of wearing high-waisted pants

July 19, 2015

Fashion trends and tendencies usually give us various opportunities to look stylish at any situation. The waist of the bottoms rises higher for fall and winter 2015/2016 and it helps us combine stylish and comfortable outfits even during the cold autumn and winter months. For the warm weather days high-waisted pants are also perfect: nothing else can make your legs look so long. Such silhouettes can be flared or tailored, and they remind us about the 70’s but new combinations will make you look modern and fresh. We want to give you some style tips and tricks how to involve the high-waisted pants into your wardrobe.

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Menswear Fashion Week in Milan

July 18, 2015

Modern fashion cultivates individuality and self-expression. Milan fashion week was a real proof of this fact. Never before such concepts as egocentrism, eccentricity, eclecticism and personality have been used by fashion designers in their runway shows so prominently. The fashion week was all about “the ego”, “the I” and “the me”. We see that the contemporary fashion has various hues from masculine to feminine, it becomes more androgynous  and the difference in clothes between men and women becomes more transparent. Let’s see the new tendencies in the upcoming collections for SS2016 which were presented in Milan by famous fashion designers.

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A straw hat. How to style it?

July 11, 2015

Hats are must-have accessories, which look stylish and take us through all the seasons. An awesome summer hat is a lot of things. It is a wonderful protection from hot sunrays, it can help us cover up a bad hair day and it’s an accessory that makes any outfit accomplished. Straw hats are perfect for summer days. They look stylish and modern and add a boho touch to any look. These trendy hats come in a range of styles, colours and shapes, and everyone can find what he likes. So, what straw-hat styles are on top this season? How to choose the right variant? How to create a stylish look wearing a straw hat? You will know the answers after having read our blog. Continue reading

Romance in whites

June 28, 2015

When the days are hot and the sun is shining so brightly, everyone wants to wear light comfortable and airy pieces. White dreamy outfits are perfect for summer. Breezy clothes look wonderful as during romantic meetings and getaways as summer festivals and incredible road trips. You just have to know how to combine pieces. So, we propose you several wonderful white looks to be inspired. Follow our tips and tricks and white outfits will be your favourite. Continue reading

Menswear Fashion Week in London

June 27, 2015

The capital of Great Britain became the most important place for the fashion lovers just for a week because of the menswear fashion week runway shows. London fashion week gathered lots of designers which showed te spring and summer 2016 collections and proved how different the approach to the fashion pieces can be. Novelty was mixed with traditions, colours and prints were rather unexpected and the choice of materials and cuts was gorgeous. So, what new tendencies have we seen in the runway shows of London fashion week? What trends will be on top in spring and summer 2016?  Let’s see. Continue reading

Flash tattoo is a hot trend of this summer

June 25, 2015

Fashion is rather cyclic and sometimes it can even seem that we will have nothing new anymore. New trends come from the past just with little changes. But this time you’ll see something interesting and unique. Yeah, I speak about the flash tattoos. How do they look like? Are they temporary? Which situation can you apply the flash tattoos? There are so many questions everyone wants to know. Continue reading

Valentino Cruise 2016 collection

June 21, 2015

Every year we hope to be impressed by a new incredible collection by Valentino and runway shows are always answerable to our expectations. The new Resort collection 2016 is not an exception of the rule. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative directors of the fashion house, made gorgeous collection being inspired by the idea of multiculturalism.  Folky line looks great in modern execution. What cultures do the designers like? How did they show the harmony of various worlds in their collection? Continue reading