How to Dress with Kaftan in Arab Fashion

In different country, you will find different cultures, languages, and custom clothes. In Japan, you will find Kimono. In Indonesia, there are plenty of Kebaya and Batik. In India, Shari is so popular. Ouchanka is from Russia. You can find Cheongsam in China. What about Arab? What custom clothes of Arab that is popular? This page is consists of some information about women’s Arab fashion. If you want to know the answer of those questions, come and find here.

In Arab, you can find some styles of Arab fashion for women that are named Kaftan. Kaftan is a custom cloth of Arab, so no wonder that many women think Kaftan is out of date. Do you agree with that opinion? Well, I don’t think so. Kaftan can be so trendy and fashionable if you know how to wear it as Arab fashion and with what cloth Arab fashion is combined. If your body is not as tall as the other else, you are much recommended to buy Kaftan in middle model. Then you can wear legging or jeans pant under the Kaftan. With that middle modeled Kaftan you will look taller. While for plus size women, long Kaftan dress is more compatible, because it is able to cover your body shape.Arab Girls Fashion

Second tip about wearing Kaftan Arab fashion is about the color. Choose the Kaftan that’s able to show your skin’s beauty. The general rule is chilly colors for bright skin and warm colors for dark skin. If you are used to wear hijab, adjust the color of Kaftan with the color of hijab you wear with it for harmony looks.Arab Fashion Hijab

Last tip is the program where you wear the Arab fashion. Adjust your Kaftan dress you’ve bought with the programs you’ll attend. It is better for you to buy the Kaftan dress only when you need it.